3 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Meg S.

    I’m not a fan of SM; however, Parnell’s administration is bad for women, children and the poor. His Choose Respect campaign is a facade to cover the realities of his failed administration. He should be embarrassed at our state’s incidents of rape. I hope the thinking women of Alaska will remember how bad of a governor he is when they go to the polls. My daughters and I will.

  2. Gracie Y.

    Now here’s a girl that says what she means and means what she says. There are so many good things about Parnell; yet, he seems so willing to throw it all away over these stupid right-wing knee jerk litmus tests. Now the fiscal conservative Parnell, who has proven to not be too fiscally conservative, will waste more state dollars on law suits. Politically it was stupid. If he has to pander this much to his base, he’s in more political trouble than I realized. I just wish Parnell had the intestinal fortitude to lead compassionately instead of his current callous disregard for the vulnerable and less fortunate. One question I would like to ask our Governor is, “doesn’t your God care about the poor and downtrodden?”
    Mine does and I wish you did.

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