APOC recommends fining Mayor Dan for issuing an apology

Anybody else think that APOC is stretching here?

A report by the state agency that regulates campaign finance laws says Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan broke state law by issuing a campaign-related press release through his city spokeswoman last month. The report, written by an agency staff member, recommends that Sullivan pay an $187.50 penalty.

At issue is whether or not Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan should have sent an apology for comparing union membership to slavery. Sullivan made the comments at the candidate forum, but many, including the NAACP asked for comment from him as the mayor. He, his spokesperson Lindsey Whitt, and the city attorney met and decided that since the request was made to his office, he should respond as the mayor.

The money is probably less of an issue than the headline.

If the commission upholds the staff’s decision, which they normally do, this will be the first time that Sullivan, who has run six times, has gotten an APOC-ding. That’s pretty impressive, considering how aggressive the agency has been in the last years.

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4 thoughts on “APOC recommends fining Mayor Dan for issuing an apology

  1. Bircher

    The best techical analysis and terminology to explain this in layman terms is found below :


  2. 49er

    This agency is facing a lot of turmoil. Many staffers, some long timers, have quit or have been forced out. I have heard that they have given depositions and have signed affidavits that they are being forced to lie by their superiors. Someone needs to get control of this group. I do not think they even have the authority to go after the mayor on this matter. If they do, they shouldn’t.

  3. Northern Observer

    APOC has become a gestapo-like organization under Chair Elizabeth Hickerson. The law doesn’t change, the regs don’t change and yet the interpretations and rulings change. This is a government agency gone amok.
    Mayor Sullivan shouldn’t be in front of APOC for this. Where is their jurisdiction. The mission of APOC is honorable the way these guys run it is a joke. Its time to reform APOC. The first thing that needs to be done is to clean house.

  4. LysanderSpooner

    APOC is a neutered watchdog, so any level of aggressiveness is irrelevant. The particulars of this incident aside, $187 will never stop anyone from doing anything. Same goes for last-minute attack ads that those responsible forget (wink, wink) to claim sponsorship of. The “fine” for that might even be $50. All of this is legislatively controlled, so it’s a classic illustration of what happens when the foxes guard the henhouse.

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