Democratic congressional candidate Dunbar’s new creative webad

Below is Democratic congressional candidate Forrest Dunbar’s most recent web ad, which, like his previous one, is an attention-grabber. Dunbar is running against Rep. Don Young, the longest serving Republican in Congress. In the last ad, Dunbar played off of the 1980s rock song, “Your Love.” In this one, Dunbar aims a gun at what has been known as Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, which Rep. Don Young supported and which Dunbar has previously written about. It’s always hard to find a Democrat to run against Young, and from his resume at least, Dunbar looks pretty impressive. He is a former clerk for Sen. Frank Murkowski. He’s been in the Peace Corps, has a Yale Law degree, a master’s from Harvard Kennedy School, is a first lieutenant in the Alaska National Guard, and, as the ad demonstrates, has good aim. The ad will remain on YouTube for now. As of March, Dunbar raised $42,740, and has about $20,000 cash on hand. As of March, Young had about $695,000 on hand. Dunbar’s campaign has recently written to Young’s campaign, asking to set a schedule for debates.


3 thoughts on “Democratic congressional candidate Dunbar’s new creative webad

  1. RJRII

    This ad is not nearly as good as his first. Young has proven to be a tougher candidate than many have credited him.

  2. Fireweed

    Don Young and his campaign has become very complacent. His campaign director doesn’t even live in Alaska. Go figure. He is lazy and taking much of the race for granted and that’s fine because I think possibly he has been there too long.
    This just might be the year. Begich’s coat tails are going to catch many by surprise. Don Young could well become a victim of the Begich machine.

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