GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s first broadcast TV ad

I don’t think anyone would say that GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s ads so far have been as good as Sen. Mark Begich’s. The one released today–Sullivan’s first broadcast ad– is better. At least he’s talking to the camera with some conviction.

As to the ad’s veracity: Sullivan claims that Obama has gone to “war on American energy.” But domestic oil production has surged since Obama took office. In 2013, the United States was the world’s top producer of hydrocarbons, surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia. In Alaska, however, the major undeveloped fields are on federal lands, and the Obama administration has been sluggish to open those.

Begich’s campaign swiped back, and pointed to his work in what is poised to be the first commercial oil produced out Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve. Sullivan is ignoring Begich’s “solid record of delivering for Alaska’s oil industry,” his campaign said in a statement.

However, Begich did campaign in 2008 on opening ANWR, which was as far fetched then as it is now.

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3 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s first broadcast TV ad

  1. James Mason

    Begich won his office on a fluke and is out of place in Alaska….despite being a real Alaskan. Sullivan is obviously an outstanding individual but has some friends who make me want to run and hide. He’s the candidate of the same Republicans who are going to give us Jeb Bush as the presidential candidate. He’s the favorite son of the Bush/Cheney criminal gang which did so much to harm this country. So that leaves us with Miller and Treadwell. If you’re crazy vote Miller. If you want a normal, well adjusted individual who is not a lawyer to represent Alaska then Treadwell is the right choice. He can beat Begich if the Republicans turn out on election day.

  2. Mendenhall Mike

    Whatever. Begich will win this race. He’s an excellent candidate. The Republicans have 3 yahoos who are like little monkeys running around to steal each others thunder. They will ridicule and spit on each other so much that even Judy Eledge and Randy Ruederich will. Hold their noses and vote for Begich. Yep, you just watch.

  3. The Diver

    The Sullivan campaign got off to a slow start; however, it now seems as if it is hitting its stride. Thjis ad is very well produced and delivers a solid message. I Begich is to be beaten, Ii believe Sullivan is the only candidate who has a chance.

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