Begich refusing to concede

Here’s a statement from U.S. Sen. Mark Begich’s campaign manager┬áSusanne Fleek-Green to ABC News about why Begich refuses to concede, even though nearly every major news organization has called the race for GOP challenger Dan Sullivan:

“Senator Begich believes every vote deserves to be counted in this election.┬áThere are tens of thousands of outstanding votes and Senator Begich has heard from rural Alaskans that their votes deserve to be counted and their voices deserve to be heard. He will honor those requests and will follow the Alaska Division of Elections as it continues its process and timetable to reach a final count and allow every Alaskan’s vote to speak.”

It’s important to note the all of the votes will be counted, regardless of whether or not Begich concedes, and it could take weeks to do so. In the meantime, Sullivan is said to be heading to D.C. to join other freshmen legislators for orientation.


7 thoughts on “Begich refusing to concede

  1. Infantile Alert

    Beggich needs to grow up. He’s acting petulant and is being a prick. Sullivan beat him decisively and he knows it.

  2. ZilaDiva

    Yes, Begich could run for mayor. OMG. He almost destroyed the city’s financial condition before, why give him a second chance?

  3. Anonymous

    If Begich were to concede and then the count went his way, he would still win. The only reason not to concede – other than sour grapes – is to keep from saying anything that might be used against you in some sort of legal proceeding. If a cop pulls you over and asks, ‘Do you know how fast you were going?’ never admit you were speeding, even if you were.

    Same logic applies. If, by some wild chance, the vote got close, Begich’s people would not want to go to a judge and ask for a TRO to examine ballots or a recount if Sullivan’s attorneys could say, ‘Hey, you already said you lost …’

  4. birchstick

    Public shaming. Must volunteer time at Planned Parenthood. 50 pushups. Babysit the others’ grand kids. And write “I’m a fool for conceding” 100 times on their Facebook page.

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