Pro-Begich super-PAC said to be making a more than $4 million media buy

A reliable source says that Put Alaska First, the pro-Mark Begich super-PAC, is spending more than $4 million dollars, and as much as $4.6 million, on television ads throughout the state for spots in the last eight weeks of the campaign. If true, it will be the single biggest media buy in Alaska history.

Anchorage based Jim Lottsfeldt, who runs the PAC, declined to comment on the amount. He did say however, that “We’re in it to win it.”

If that number turns out to be correct, the total super-PAC spend will be upwards of $7 million so far, and it’s only May. The front-runner in the Republican race, Dan Sullivan, has raised more than Begich in the last two quarters. But none of the groups directly supporting him so far have spent nearly that amount.

Sullivan’s spokesperson, Mike Anderson, responded to news with the following statement:

“Assuming that Harry Reid and his liberal allies in Washington are going to spend over $4 million of outside money to support Mark Begich’s campaign it explains why Senator Begich has voted with President Obama 97 percent of the time. It also begs the question for Alaskans: what will Mark Begich owe them for this DC political bailout?”

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Clarification: The original story said that Sullivan has out-raised Begich. That’s only true for the two fundraising quarters that Sullivan has been in the race. 


13 thoughts on “Pro-Begich super-PAC said to be making a more than $4 million media buy

  1. Joanne

    Say what you will about Begich, the truth is he is Alaskan and our Alaskan. I like him and I trust him.

  2. Truth Teller

    James Masom’s comment that Mead Treadwell is the leader in the Republican primary is the equivalent of Rip Van Winkle waking up afetr a long multi-month snooze and extolling what happened the day he fell asleep like it was yesterday. There may have been a time that Treadwell lead in the polls. After all he holds statewide office and no one had really done any amount of personal tv ads at this point of the campaign. Most recent polls show that SuLlivan has emerged from the pack leading Treadwell by 16 points in the primary and the strongest candidate against Begich. Likewise, Treadwell’s ability to attract campaign cash has made several national publications point out that he is one of the most unsuccessful Republican challengers in the country. Meanwhile, Sullivan is one of the best performing, even out raising the incumbent Begich in the two quarters that he has been in the race.
    I trust that Mr. Mson’s comments are made earnestly and suspect that he doesn’t realize how old and out of date the poll is that he is referencing. If not, then shame on him for spreading ludicrous and laughable information. Mead Treadwell is. Doing more to hurt the Republican party and help Mark Begich than anyone in Alaska. If Mead’s arrogance keeps him in the race and continues his quiet attacks on Sullivan, I suspect that Mead’s political career will be over. His support appears small and dwindling. In fact, Governor Parnell’s cabinet, which Treadwell is a part of, are overwhelmingly giving their financial support to Sullivan. Maybe Mead is doing better with the voters of Iceland; unfortunately, even though he runs the Division of Elections, I’m not sure he realizes that those people don’t get to vote here. August 19th will send a clear message to Mead Treadwell : Alaskans say bye-bye. Maybe he’ll try to reinvent himself again and see if that helps or not.

  3. James Mason

    Mead Treadwell is the Republican leader at this time. Sullivan has raised more money but the polls show Treadwell as more likely to beat Begich.

  4. BegichHypocrite

    This can’t be the same Mark Begich complaining in Facebook ads and petitions about “dark money” being spent elsewhere in this race??? So it is only bad when it doesn’t benefit him? This guy votes with Outside liberals and has his campaign paid for by Outside liberals, and then has the gall to come home and pretend he’s independent.

  5. RTB

    America can thank SCOTUS for the ruination of our country’s political system with the Citizen’s United opinion. Alaskans are smart enough not to be swayed by the advertising paid for by the people who want to own our country’s political system. It disgusts me that inside the beltway liberals, President Obama-I- Want-To-Shut-Down-Alaska-Resource-Development and Harry Reid who controls much of the nation’s gambling money can come into our state and buy the election for someone who would never have even gotten close to winning if it wasn’t for federal over reach and prosecutorual misconduct against one of the most honest public servants any state could ever had. I just hope that everyone remembers who is behind Mark Begich. There is no way on earth that these peop supporting Begich if he truly was standing up for Alaskans’ interests. Begich’s talk isn’t the way he walks in the halls of power with Harry Reid.

  6. Whitney

    Dearr Mr. South Addition AARP Liberal,
    If you’re drinking already at 5:30 am, I would suggest that you are better off blogging today than operating a motor vehicle. Hopefully, your friends and relatives will figure out who you are from your moniker and get you some help or consider an intervention. In the meantime, may God look over and protect you. At least , through you candor, there is a possible rationale behind your position.

  7. South Addition AARP Liberal

    Whine, whine, whine. Now, let me sit back and pour a nice glass of merlot to enjoy while I read this blog post and the whinny comments listed below. Surprised? Guess there are even some Democrats that have deep pockets that believe in the Party and America enough to spend their money to insure that the Senate does not fall into the GOP Abyss. Senator Begich may not be perfect. At best, he’s only half the man his dad Nick was. Still, he offers more reason and doesn’t respond to the right wing knee jerk reactions that the other candidates in the field do. I look forward to casting my vote for Senator Mark Begich wishing him the best of success and hope that the Senate remains in democratic control. Now, back to my merlot. Amanda, I don’t always agree with your philosophies that are espoused in your blog but you need to know that you are my favorite read and most of all you are fair. Did I mention that you’re a great writer too?

  8. Kurt

    With a single Super Pac making a media buy of this scale significantly negates the relevance of the candidates’ campaigns. This is what the US Supreme Court did to elections with the Citizen’s United case. In essence, a sign was placed above the State of Alaska that reads “FOR SALE”. Sad, but true.
    I agree and find it somewhat ironic that for the past month or two that Begich’s campaign and his Super Pac has been accusing Dan Sullivan and his outside interests of trying to “buy Alaska”. That’s sort of like, to use football terminology, a quarter back sneak. You know, by fakoing them out and looking the other way. Trying to fake-out or hoodwink the electorate is not a good thing to do Mr. Begich. It’s dishonet, disingenuous and an insult to the thinking voters of Alaska.
    I am a registered independent, non-partisan voter. Begich’s advertising had me on the cusp of supporting him over Sullivan who appears to be the front runner; however, now I’m likely to end up voting for the Republican nominee unless it is Joe Miller. While there are some things that he says that I like, howeverzn then I hear things that involve his personal lifestyle that are contrary to the principles that he articulates. Miller is too much like a Palin for me.
    I hate Citizens United and what its doing to our state and our country. Mr. Begich, this buy that I’m sure you are celebrating just lost my vote for you. Hopefully, a lot more too.

  9. 357

    Holy bejesus. If this is true or even close to being true, this is an unprecedented amount of outside cash flowing into Alaska to buy the election. Sullivan spokesman, Mike Anderson, summed it up well when he said that this was Harry Reid and his liberal friends – – most likeat oppose opening ANWR and having the EPA shut down resource development around the state. Begich’s strategy of saying “Sullivan is using outside money to buy the election” now appears to be strategic messaging that created a smoke screen for him to do exactly that. Makes you wonder if Begich is illegally coordinating with his Super Pac.
    This is sooo much, that it might be too much. What I call overkill.

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