UAA kind of sort of responds to Keithley’s charges of retribution

Last evening, I posted an article about Brad Keithley’s allegations against the UAA athletics program and UAA Chancellor Tom Case. Keithley claims that he is in the process of being barred from any association with UAA athletics. He says that it’s because he’s been critical of the athletic program, that he expressed concerns to Case about the hiring of a UAA women’s basketball coach who had a reputation in other schools and who resigned shortly after he was hired amid allegations of “professional misconduct.” He also wrote to the university about a student athlete who felt uncomfortable working with the basketball coach.

He also indicates that he might be being punished for a trip by the women’s basketball team that he paid for and which appears to be against NCAA rules.

The allegations are serious. I sent an email to the university about them. The questions and the response are below:

  • Why is the university considering barring Keithley from further association with its athletic program? Keithley says that it’s because he’s been critical of the program and has raised concerns with the treatment of a female student athlete. Is this true?

  • What action was taken when Keithley came to Chancellor Case expressing concern about a female student athlete’s concerns about working with women’s basketball coach Nate Altenhofen?

  • What, if any, action has the NCAA taken against the university regarding the 2011 trip Keithley paid for involving the UAA women’s basketball team?

  • The NCAA has indicated that the trip was against rules. Whose responsibility is it for ensuring that the university would follow such rules in this case?

  • In 2012, women’s basketball coach Nate Altenhofen resigned following accusations of “professional misconduct.” According to news accounts, he was being investigated for such allegations. What is the latest in that investigation? If complete, can you release the results? If not, can you tell me when it will be complete and what the public will know about the investigation? When he resigned, was he given any kind of severance package?

  • Does the university have an overall quote on Keithley’s accusations?

Here’s how the UAA chancellor’s office responded to the above questions:

UAA has been working with the NCAA since July 2012 on an investigation that looked into the women’s basketball program and the conduct of former head coach Tim Moser. It was not focused on UAA athletics generally, nor was it focused on Altenhofen. NCAA bylaws prohibit UAA from commenting further on an ongoing NCAA investigation.

Former coach Altenhofen resigned in the midst of an investigation into professional misconduct in August 2012. In accordance with Board of Regents policy, UAA will not comment further on personnel matters.

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4 thoughts on “UAA kind of sort of responds to Keithley’s charges of retribution

  1. Beth

    Tom Case needs to buy a Winnebago and “shove off” for distant destinations out of state, never to be seen at UAA again. He is an arrogant bureaucrat who cannot take time out of his lazy schedule to meet with students who have legitimate concerns. In my experience, Case is frequently out of the office and generally requires his secretary to handle his work responsibilities. This is unacceptable!

    Tom Case cannot bring himself to deal appropriately with a particular department head who resorts to telling lies about “his” program when the simple truth would serve purposes much better. He is unwilling to support veterans who aspire to be students at UAA, despite his own military credentials. And rather than give time to students who seek to speak with him, after spending weeks going up the chain of command, Case seems to give unlimited time for campaign purposes as he now supports Meade Treadwell’s current political folly.

    I say FIRE TOM CASE … and Pat Gamble, too.

    Why is it that the University of Alaska system managed exclusively by retired Air Force personnel?

  2. the best offense is a good defense

    The University is categorically prohibited from responding to any outside inquiry involving an NCAA investigation. Therefore it would be a mistake to read anything into his response or lack thereof. Although I’m quite certain he would have much to say on this topic, Tom Case isn’t responding because he cant, a fact of which Keithley is fully aware. It’s called being a professional. It doesn’t take a lot of courage to lob grenades at an individual who is prohibited from defending himself.

  3. Jackie

    This isn’t a response at all. It is a white wash. How can the women on the Board of Regents not speak up and demand change and protect their sisters? Where is Governer Parnell?I wish my legislators Senator Fairclough and Senator Stoltze would demand change. I just don’t understand how our leaders can allow and tolerate such horrible behavior.

  4. An alaska mother

    The University of Alaska Anchorage should get an award for arrogance. Has the leadership of the school lost sight of the fact that they are public servants whose salaries are paid from our state coffers?

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