Tweets from the debate: #AKGOV

Sunday night saw the biggest, and likely the most important gubernatorial debate of the election season on KTUU. All the hot button topics were touched on: the National Guard scandal, the budget, gay marriage, and of course, the natural gas pipeline. The debate was particularly important for Bill Walker, the Republican turned independent, who many hadn’t heard of before the Democrats agreed to endorse him as governor. Polls have shown him leading, but with a large margin undecided. Gov. Sean Parnell has never been a strong debater—and has wilted in the past on the stage. On Sunday, however, he didn’t do that.  It’s hard to say if he did well, or if Walker just failed to shine.  But the general consensus is that this one went to Parnell.

Here’s some tweets about the debate, in no particular order.


30 thoughts on “Tweets from the debate: #AKGOV

  1. jack

    ..I hope more Alaskans are as wise as you Randy.. sometimes breaking with the pack and doing the right thing is hard. But now it needs to be done by good republicans who care about Alaska`s constitution and sovereignty.

  2. jack

    Great comments Rob. This voter agrees 100%. I hope we don`t, like the song goes, “we won`t be fooled again” and give Seanoco and the cartel a lock on ruini8ng this state fiscally as well as steal our sovereignty away, as evidenced by the numerous attacks and ignorance of it by this admi9nistration in his first appointment decisions,.. attempting to appoint TWO sitting legislators to commissions under him. Bill and Byron are two solid smart born in the brush Alaskans, who I want in Juneau to sort of “check the books” on Alaska`s sovereignty and fiscal health and what`s in these secret deals with these companies we`re about to hand our sovereignty over to…
    . I haven`t trusted Parrnell since he ran for governor supporting ACES all the way, yet upon his election, he immediately fostered legislation gutting it. For those of you who dismiss that history,… I guess you don`t remember very well.

  3. AK Rob

    Parnell made claims of making record budget cuts and then Walker pointed out that it doesn’t really count as cuts when you first dramatically increased our budget more than the cuts you made later. Parnell’s response: Say the exact same thing I just said because that’s what my talking points are.
    Parnell said he’ll always uphold the Alaskan constitution, but he had no answer when Walker pointed out a specific example of him going around the constitution. Or Parnell back dating an amendment to the constitution when he made an illegal out of state hire to the SARB board in order to not be doing something against the constitution.
    Parnell made another ridiculous accusation that there was a “deal” in order to get Walker and Mallott together and Parnell looked foolish when Walker said, “we’re both Christians Sean and if there was a bible in between us right now I’d swear on it that there was no deal.” (paraphrased obv) Parnell and his campaign/supporters just can’t understand how anybody could put their own personal and party ambitions behind what’s best for Alaska.
    Parnell keeps quoting Walker on saying that “every department will be on the table to potentially have cuts made” (paraphrasing). He then says, “Walker said he would increase funding for education.” (paraphrasing). But that’s only half the quote! Walker clarified, “I said I would increase funding for education if after going through the entire budget there are funds available.” (paraphrasing) Parnell is KNOWINGLY attempting to mislead people into a falsehood that Walker is changing his positions.
    He keeps KNOWINGLY telling lies that Walker is going to stop the gas line project, when all Walker wants to do is see Parnell’s secret, confidential documents about the gas line deal. Parnell loves giving great deals to the oil companies and so it’s likely he has done it again. Alaska needs to maximize this project for Alaskans, not for oil companies.
    I’m voting Walker/Mallott because they aren’t spreading lies and are always going to do what’s in Alaska’s best interest.

  4. Randy

    Wow! That’s pretty low of the Parnell campaign. They can’t blame that on a PAC. It has their name written all over it. I’m a Republican who wants desperately for Alaska to get out of the rut we’re in. I know I won’t agree with everything the Walker/Mallott ticket will bring to the table, but I feel I can trust them. They aren’t spending money on negative ads with knowingly untrue statements in them. I respect them for that and will support Walker for governor.

  5. Debbie McCann

    Sticks to the truth, you say? Hmm, he does not even believe the truth when he hears it like his incredulity that Bill Walker made “no deals with the democrats”. Come on people! The non truth telling coming from Parnell’s campaign is shameful and no leader this voter wants to follow!

  6. AH HA

    It’s really simple. He can’t take a position. He is caught in the middle. How else does a supposed conservative explain a running mate who just a couple of years ago at AFN said:

    “Conservative ideologies scare the hell out of us, because of our circumstance.”

  7. jack

    It`s when Parnell gets huffy and says, about his inaction in protecting young Alaskan women enticed by guard recruiters, “I acted as soon as I knew”. If that is so Governor, why at this date, four years after the fact, none..NONE, of these women guard members have received justice? You can argue about who won or who lost this circus packed with state employees,.. but I`ll tell you who didn`t win, and that`s those young women and the chaplains who wrongly placed their FAITH, in Sean Parnell. He`s cute, well spoken and practiced and polished as a politician. He also passed the buck when told there was a problem, and he, as governor, was the Commander-in-Chief, and the man in charge of the Alaska State Guard. Parnell passed the buck for four years and denied justice to these women…., and we should trust his judgement as he gives away billions and sends us to the fiscal poor house??.. NO!,… I already voted for Alaska, Walker, and Mallott,..and proudly. Here is the debate we should be having with Sean Parnell..

  8. Greg

    Tread carefully Anonymous. You support a candidate who is paying for two websites that look like Walker Mallott sites but direct voters to attack ads. In fact they’re even paying to have them as sponsored links so that when voters do a google search for Bill Walker’s website it’s the first thing that pops up. Says right on there it’s paid for by Parnell Sullivan. Talk about extremely rude. Yikes.

  9. Geron Bruce

    During last night’s debate, Governor Parnell displayed the tricks of a professional politician. He took credit for other people’s ideas—paying down the state pension debt—which he rejected for several years before finally agreeing to support it this year. And he denied responsibility for his own failures, like not taking timely and effective action in addressing the corruption and sexual abuse in the Alaska National Guard. He actually issues his own condemnation by reciting all the times he says he took action and yet the abuse continued and the perpetrators remained in their positions.

  10. Debbie McCann

    I am proud to be a Bill Walker supporter! With Alaska at it’s large and growing deficit, paying among the highest energy costs and experiencing some of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, Parnell’s answers sounded like prepared speeches. No, he did not take the correct action on the National Guard abuse cases, but now would have us think he is being victimized because the desperate chaplains went public and then and only then did real action ensue! Open your eyes and look behind the curtains, folks!
    Last night’s debate was political spin vs. passion and I’m voting for Walker/Mallott. I’m voting for Alaska!!

  11. Hugh Fulsom

    Unions are desperate to replace Parnell so they can enact more Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). These agreements only allow union signatories to work on state projects. 83% of Alaska’s construction workforce chooses to be not affiliated with a union. Yes, Walker is a cash cow for unions.

  12. Ak polyscientist

    @forecast — can you say DENIAL?…. everyone knows Parnell came out confident and aggressive. As he should since he is the obvious better candidate. and he most certainly won. It’s not a matter to be negotiated since you are commenting on the blog of the woman that said he won….

  13. Anonymous

    Beat Parnell at all costs? Even integrity, the sanctity of the election process, voters, convictions and friends? That is exactly what Walker did. He wants to win at all costs. He will have to answer to his Maker over his setting aside his Christian convictions and making deals with the party that goes against them.

  14. Forecast

    Steve does not always moderate as well as he did tonight. He gets high marks. Walker clearly did the better job tonight. Parnell comes across as nasally and boring. After six years Parnell should be able to point to a good record, but he can not.

    1. Parnell has massively grown state spending over six years.
    2. Parnell ignored the National Guard sexual assaults until just before the election.
    3. Parnell offered no rational answer on why he ignored the gas buyers from the Asian markets when Walker brought them here in 2012.
    4. Walker had the best line of the night:

    Parnell: “I acted immediately and I want you to quit saying that I didn’t” Walker: “Governor, you’re not the victim here.” #akgov #ktuu

  15. Anonymous

    Oh. And Parnell hands down own that debate and anyone who says different is in serious denial. #KBye

  16. Anonymous

    To the walker fan that made extremely rude comments to me during the debate….yes you know who you are. Two things:
    1. At least I’m cheering for the right candidate, and 2) you better believe I’m
    Gonna cheer loud and proud for Parnell because that’s who I believe in and that’s what I went to the debate to do. So you can take your comments and save them for someone who might feel bad about my passion for
    Parnell. But it won’t be me.

  17. Cary Avenue, NP Resident

    The debate surprised me on two counts: #1, I was disturbed that Walker changed his story about education from when I talked with him earlier in this campaign to now. #2, Parnell impressed me with his answer about the Alaska National Guard. His explanation sounded reasonable and responsible.
    I’m starting to think that the liberal media isn’t reporting this story fairly. Big surprise.
    Also, I just learned that Walker is a proponent of ObamaCare. That’s a deal breaker for me.
    Parnell did good tonight. He sticks to the truth, good or not.

  18. DJ

    The big winner tonight was Steve McDonald and KTUU. This was the most professional and interesting debate this year. There’s a reason why KTUU is the number 1 rated television station in the state. Between Walker and Parnell, neither candidate landed a knock out punch. Over all, I felt that Parnell did the best tonight. He answered the questions directly and with integrity. Walker failed on both of those levels.
    Great job KTUU. Congrats to Governor Sean Parnell. Bill Walker, don’t treat us like dummies. We expect our leaders to respect us enough to speak to the issues, answer questions and share your vision for Alaska’s future.

  19. Anonymous

    Can someone explain why the unions are so desperate to replace Parnell with a candidate that says, at times, that he will significantly slash the state’s budget, which means less for state employees and fewer capital projects? What do the unions gain from Walker? Is this all about their hatred of Mayor Dan or something more?

  20. anonymous

    Walker’s owner, Vince Beltrami, couldn’t even suggest that Walker did well tonight. Vince has integrity after all.

  21. Don B.'s Doctor

    You must be off your meds. There are lots of arguments that you could make; however, your suggestion that Parnell lookled flustered is ridiculous. Any objective viewer would agree that Parnell won the debate.
    I think you’re having difficulty with reality.
    Or, you may be delusional.
    Walker appeared tired, mumbly and avoided controversial topics like a lawyer. He talked a lot and didn’t say much.

  22. Juneau Independent

    The debate showed Governor Parnell in a positive light. He had a plan and shared his vision. Walker didn’t have much to say and appeared to practice the politics of avoidance. I see where John Arono tweeted his thoughts. John is a liberal and would love to have told us that Walker did well and didn’t. He knew that Walker was weak. I think we should stick with Parnell, not switch horses in mid-stream, and get a pipeline finished. Walker, who is suppose to be a gas expert, looked amazingly weak on the subject. The more I see of Walker the weaker he looks. Parnell looked like a leader tonight. Hope he stays there.

  23. Lady Belle

    Bill Walker is doing exactly what he needs to do. We need to beat Parnell at all costs. That’s what is important. By Bill keeping silent on the issues it makes it much easier to do. Go Bill. Remember, don’t get stuck. Just avoid the issues only 8 days to go. Soon we’l be in the driver seat and can implement the new programs important to the unions, the working people. Go Bill. Go Byron.

  24. CPG49

    No question on who won the debate this evening. Unlike Walker, Parnell took the issues on in a straight forward manner. Walker danced around and refused to take positions. His campaign is shameful. Why is he afraid to take positions? The guy has no values.

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