About last night’s Valley fundraiser

Last evening in Palmer, Republican Sen. Mike Dunleavy and Rep. Bill Stoltze held a joint fundraiser that by all accounts appeared to be a resounding success, as such Republican gatherings in the overwhelmingly conservative Valley tend to be.

Governor Sean Parnell showed with his wife Sandy, who has kept a relatively low profile since Parnell was elected, much to some people’s dismay. Sometimes Parnell can come across as robotic, or as a writer once put it, like the Manchurian Governor. Sandy, on the other hand, is all grace and warmth.

Anchorage Sen. Lesil McGuire showed, with spouse in tow, presumably drumming up much needed Valley support for the lieutenant governor’s race.

Senate President Charlie Huggins was there with his wife Becky who, in my opinion,should get some sort of political-spouse medal for spending her birthday at the political fundraiser. She also should get some sort of special commendation for not pointing out, every time anybody mentions the decorated military career of her husband, that she is a retired major herself, and is a better helicopter pilot than he is.

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