Adam Wool is new Democratic state House candidate in Fairbanks

Fairbanks has a new Democratic state House candidate. Today, the day after the primary election, Elizabeth Clark, or “Putt,” as she’s affectionately called, dropped out of the race. The new candidate, chosen by local Democrats is Adam Wool, a Fairbanks business owner. Wool owns and runs the popular Blue Loon, and with his brother, started Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream.

Wool will be running against Republican Rep. Pete Higgins, who is a dentist. Higgins is in the majority.  However, he’s not a prodigious fundraiser. He’s only raised $4,083 this election cycle, and unlike many other incumbents, he didn’t bring with him a war-chest from last year. That said, he didn’t have much of a race before, and the dentists in this state are a powerful, tight group. If Higgins is in trouble, they’ll likely come to his support and bring their checkbooks. Too, Higgins makes anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million a year as a dentist and businessman, and he sold a business in 2013 for more than $1 million, according to financial disclosures.

Local Democrats are enthused about their chances in this race. Wool appears to be a good candidate. District 5 isn’t a ruby-red district. It includes Geist, Lakeview, Chena Ridge, University West, Shanly, and Richardson neighborhoods.

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4 thoughts on “Adam Wool is new Democratic state House candidate in Fairbanks

  1. Joy Kennedy Grubis

    I’m a registered Independent and focus on voting for the quality of legislative and political leaders by their merit. In the past I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats! But, I am thrilled that Adam Wool is running for State House, because he is a real amazing individual who values our community and has provided economic growth for almost three decades. As well, he values individual people through creating venues for local and international Musicians to perform here thus, he has brought a lot of culture and Arts to our town. Adam also is a husband and father of two daughters and values fully funding education for our future. I’m voting for Adam Wool!

  2. ak

    I’ve known Adam for a long time. I’m sure as hell not a Democrat, but he’s a good man, and I’m dissatisfied with my representation. Pete hasn’t got the chops. Unresponsive office. Probably out drinking. At any rate I will be very pleased to cast my vote for Adam. I just hope he represents the district and not the Democratic Party.

  3. RGH

    Higgins could be in trouble. He’s not a real nice guy and does little to reach out to constituents. He acts as if he is entitled to the job. It’ll be a tough eace but at least there is a chance now. #beatHiggins.

  4. sethinfbks


    1) it’s “putt” not “pott”

    2) higgins didn’t even get the support of the dentists the first time he ran in 2010 against joe thomas, he can’t be that well liked within that community.

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