Alaska-based super-PAC hits Begich

The Alaska based super-PAC supporting former DNR Commissioner Dan Sullivan for U.S. Senate has released the first of three radio ads attacking Sen. Mark Begich, which will run in Anchorage and the Mat-Su. The super-PAC, Alaska’s Energy/America’s Values, is run by Art Hackney, who has worked on many Republican campaigns throughout the years and who does work for Karl Rove.

In various ways, the three ads, which you can click on below, go after Begich for, among other things, his vote on ObamaCare, his vote to confirm Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, and his time serving as mayor of Anchorage. One ad questioning Begich’s self-proclaimed independent streak, dubs him “Malarkey Mark,” a moniker that could very well stick. Another says he’s trying to “duck and hide” over “the biggest jobs issue” facing the state. The ad is referring to SB 21, the oil tax bill break passed last legislative session and facing a repeal initiative, which Democrats in the state generally support.

All of the ads tie Begich to President Obama, which is likely going to be Begich’s biggest vulnerability as he runs for reelection.

In response to his stance on the repeal of SB 21, Begich’s campaign said that “Alaskans will vote and Sen. Begich will respect their decision.”

According to Hackney, Alaska’s Energy/America’s Values is spending $12,000 on radio placement. “This is just the start,” he said. Listen to them by clicking on them here:

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9 thoughts on “Alaska-based super-PAC hits Begich

  1. Ms. Green

    Wish outside money was prohibited. It’s going to be a very long year until the November elections.

  2. Joe G.

    Keep posting the ads. Don’t listen to radio or watch much tv and really enjoy tracking the political ads. This blog is outstanding. It’s my favorite read of the day. Also wish you would cover Fairbanks’ political scene more.

  3. Lynn Willis

    Welcome to the new world of the citizens united supreme court decision. Now more than ever before purchased political speech is afforded exactly the same constitutional protections as individual political speech and, as a bonus, you have no right to know who is actually purchasing that speech other than some group funded by who knows.

    A mercenary works for money and doesn’t care about anything else. Isn’t this the same Art Hackney who created the anti-pebble mine campaign – a campaign that sure seems to be working. I assume he didn’t create that add campaign for free. I would think some pro-development Alaskans would be just a bit suspicious of Mr. Hackney’s messages regarding any issue or candidate.

  4. AK Patriot

    Dude these are killer ads. Malarkey Mark is my favorite. I think Mark Miller lays it down, makes the case and gets it. I never heard of this Hackney dude but his Super PAC is going to be a force to be reckowned with I’d say. I supported Joe last time and was disappointed he lost the election. Agree with Miller that Sullivan’s campaign leaves a lot to be desired. He’s like the dud that doesn’t take any positions. It’s like the dude you can’t find anything out about. No positions stated on his webpage. Liked him because he is a vet like me but nothing from his campaign. Called his office once and asked some questions and theu said I’d get a call back and nothing. Maybe Hackney can destroy Begich and this time with that kind of help Joe can sneak in. I know its a long shot but Joe’s got better campaign organiaztion than the rest.

  5. Mark Miller

    Good article and great radio ads. Hackney is going to hold Begich’s feet to the fire. Glad someone on the Republican side has stepped up. To date I am very disappointed in Treadwell, Miller and Sullivan. Treadwell should drop out of the race and has proven to be uninspiring and terrible at raising money. Miller is such an extremist that voting for him is the equivalent of voting for Begich. Sullivan, who I was hoping would shine, has a terrible campaign organization. His campaign manager has no experience and it shows. The campaign’s webiste is an embarrassment and now 3 months into the campaign, you hear little from his organization. I’m hoping Sullivan gets it together and builds a campaign organization that is capable of taking on Begich. Right now anyway, Art Hackney appears to be the only hope the Republicans have.

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