Alaska Conservation Voters form pro-Begich super-PAC

Alaska Conservation Voters have formed a super-PAC, named SalmonPAC, to help get U.S. Sen. Mark Begich reelected. The super-PAC is planning to use 30 staff and spend $1.1 million going door-to-door and on direct mailers. It has no plans to buy radio or TV spots, its treasure Andy Moderow, said. For the past months, Alaska Conservation Voters have been running a steady stream of commercials thanking Begich for his work on fisheries. Because the ads do not mention the race or directly tell voters how to vote, they are considered “issue ads” and don’t have to be reported as campaign ads.

From the group’s press release:

Senator Begich has an important track record of independent leadership for Alaska in the United States Senate. From his strong opposition to the Pebble mine through his work protecting wild salmon runs and consumers alike from genetically modified fish, he has been a salmon champion that’s shown the kind of leadership Alaska needs in the years to come.