Andrew Halcro: Begich a ‘great’ Senator

The Facebook post below, from Andrew Halcro, is causing a stir. Halcro, a friend of mine, is a Republican and the president of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. Never one not to speak his mind, Halcro said last month that he was “mad as hell”  that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was airing ads in Alaska for Senate candidate Dan Sullivan and against Sen. Mark Begich, whom Halcro now calls “great.”  Hence the stir:
Andrew Halcro Facebook Page


17 thoughts on “Andrew Halcro: Begich a ‘great’ Senator

  1. Alex Raven

    Samuel Clements aka Mark Twain said that the biggest den of liars, thieves, and hypocrites is our own US senate, and house of representatives. All politicians are the same. I despise politics. I despise political partisanship. I am disgusted by the whole federal, and state government. Pushing abortion, the LGBT agenda, and lining their own pockets with their 30 pieces of silver while selling out their constituents. That is my two cents, and I don’t frankly give a hoot if anyone likes it, or not.

  2. mateo

    I don’t fault Andy for complimenting Mark Begich on his constituent relations work. If Mark Begich really did the things he said, it is praiseworthy and shows that the senator takes his responsibility to constituents (at least some constituents) seriously.

    However, it is pretty telling that Andy’s definition of “a great senator” ends there. Some of us actually think public policy matters. Some of us think trillion dollar deficits, a devalued currency, higher taxes, government bailouts and takeovers, binding the next generation with the chains of our excess, and dismantling the Bill of Rights are not things a good senator would do.

    Shame on the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce for hiring a tool like Halcro. But we should all look on the bright side . . . Andy Halcro’s completely out of the closet now. The world can now see he’s not just another moderate Republican . . . he’s a card-carrying Leftist!

  3. Thos. Payne

    Just how dumb are the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce members?
    1). Dumb enough to allow Halcro to use their organization to advance his own political agenda.
    2) Dumb enough to allow Halcro to trash their national affiliate with lies to advance hos own political agenda.
    3) Dumb enough to keep paying dues while he is the ED.
    4) Dumb enough ……………………..the list goes on ad nauseum.

  4. Klatt Roader

    Week we watched Halcro slam the National Chamber of Commerce in protecting the good name and integrity of the Anchorage Chamber. This week, we found out his true colors that he was only fighting for her personal political philosophy and supported Begich. Halcro is a disingenuous person. A fraud.

  5. Dave Allison, Alaska class of '89

    Andrew was posting a respectful comment about his Senator and another about the alleged non-partisan approach of the C of C. He was correct in both cases. Senator Begich’s response to a constituent in an urgent situation is exactly what Ted Stevens would have done and is the kind of service that made Stevens an Alaskan legend. It is what Governor Hammond would have done and the kind of comment that Hammond would have may well have made about the Anchorage C of C.

    The public deserves to know when our elected officials do the right thing as well as when they do the wrong thing. More power to Andrew and more power to Begich as well.

  6. John Smith

    Also, when the president of the largest non-profit business private business advocacy group in the largest city in the state makes a political endorsement on his Facebook page which is followed by nearly 1800 people, it is a rather big deal. You should know that when you are the face of an entire organization, which represents so many people, what you say and do matters and is a reflection on those whom you represent; whether you want it to be or not. I know we disagree of a lot of things Andrew because I have read your opinion pieces for a number of years. I also know that you are smart enough to see the issue here. The best thing for a man to do is to face it, answer for it, and move on.

  7. John Smith

    Because only campaign staffers have an opinion and are brazen enough to share it, right? I would be willing to bet that none of the posts taking issue with your duplicity of reason are campaign staffers, but by all means keep using whatever faulty logic you need in order to deflect from answering for your obvious hypocrisy. For someone that doesn’t care what anyone thinks about them, you sure do go out of your way to respond to those who take issue with you. So, is the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce endorsing Mark Begich for Senate?

  8. Andrew Halcro

    Shouldn’t you campaign staffers be out working on getting votes for your candidate rather than criticizing a harmless facebook post? In the mean time, all I ask is that you please keep spelling my name correctly while you’re chasing ghosts in the machine.

  9. Mae

    Andrew! Telling it like it is.

    Once I noticed a car parked in the ally where I used to rent. The car sat there for a week. So I investigated and figured out it was a rental. So I called the rental company. Turns out it was Avis. Ya know, I learned a bit about good business practices that day.

    After that I started to listen and read about all the political happenings back home and in Alaska’s big village. While I didn’t agree with many issues, I understood some folks out there can and will respect opposing views. It is a simple concept. There is no need to be rude and nasty about others views. There is no need to be closed minded and shut out what you don’t agree with.

    Who knew a stolen car in a dark ally would lead me to listen and respect all political views, while holding my own. Gonna always be thankful to Andrew for that.

    Its okay to tell it like it is, have and hold your own opinions and respect all other views. I’m thankful for this post and the reminder of what I learned nearly a decade ago. I tend to travel to the dark side of politics and get nasty. Not how I want to be. Go ahead and eye roll. I’m thankful.

  10. F-Bird907

    There’s an old saying, “you can tell a lot when a man looks you in the eye”. What does it tell you about a man that can’t look you in the eye? That’s our bold friend Andrew Halcro.

  11. BR

    Milton — Balls and strikes. Not much wiggle room in your statement and I respect that. 🙂

  12. Milton Friedman

    Andrew Halcro is a child that throws a fit and mocks others when he doesn’t get what he wants. He throws a temper tantrum about ads being placed and then endorses a candidate himself, but probably doesn’t understand why there is an issue because he is just used to creating his own moral and ethical compass and adjusting it as needed. The only successful thing he has ever done is inherit a business and barely win a house seat (which he couldn’t keep and he is still troubled by that). Now he wants us to know that he was personally helped by Senator Begich when his daughter found herself in some sort of trouble in Morocco. I am happy to hear that everything turned out alright, but did you know that this is Northern Africa before you let her go? Also, isn’t it a Senators job to fix things like this? Also, do you think just maybe having the last name Halcro coupled with knowing Marks personal cellphone number might have had something to do with it? Halcro has no idea what makes a great Senator. He only knows that someone did him a solid and so he is returning it. Of course, he has to make it a lot more dramatic than that though. Oh, and in case you’re reading this Andy; yes I have had a family member in trouble over seas. No my Senator didn’t answer my call at 1:45am. Then again, I don’t have their cell phone or your name recognition.

    By the way, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce remains a non-partisan organization. The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce is also a joke lead by a very dapper court jester.

  13. BR

    RJ – Your litany of confused adjectives “spoiled”, “rich”, “smart”, “confused”, “liberal” says more about you than it does about Mr. Halcro. You could have just as easily written something like “I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Halcro but I wish he wouldn’t say nice things about guys who don’t share our political stripes.” I would have read something like that and thought, “whether you agree with the statement or not, at least the author was honest and transparent about why they are unhappy with Andrew.”

    I appreciate people who call balls and strikes as they seem them, much like Andrew Halcro does. I don’t always agree with him, but I always appreciate his candor and transparency. I’m neither Republican or Democrat as I can’t sign off on much of the silliness that resides in their “platforms.” I take liberty in the fact that I can support whomever I wish, regardless of their membership to the red or blue team.


  14. Offended

    Everyone is entitled to their personal political beliefs; however, when one reprresents a public organization, such as the Chamber of Commerce, you sometimes have to be judicious in the manner and places that you espouse your beliefs. Mr. Halcro’s view of politics is not necessarily the view of his organization’s. Now, with his heartfelt endorsement of Begich it makes his words and criticisms towards the National Chamber a week or so ago less convincing. If I were a member of the board, I believe that I would be asking for his removal. Not because of his views but because of his lack of progfessionalism in dealing with them. If Halcro had any class, he would resign his position. The Chmaber’s ggoals are more significant than helping Halcro become mayor.

  15. RJ

    Andrew is a spoiled rich kid. Smart, but hard to put up with. Unfortunately, he seems politically confused most of the time. Andrew has always been a liberal. Personally, I think he is using the Chmaber to advance his own agenda as opposed to the business community’s.

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