Another attack likely coming at Begich courtesy of Obama

A few weeks ago, President Obama sent a thrill up the legs of Republicans when he said during a speech that while he wasn’t on the ballot on Nov. 4, his policies were. Cue the attack ads.

In an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton on Monday, Obama gave them an even bigger leg-thrill when he spoke about red-state candidates, like presumably Sen. Mark Begich, who are keeping their distance from him on the campaign trail.

“The bottom line is, though, these are all folks who vote with me. They have supported my agenda in Congress,” Obama said. “These are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me. I tell them — I said, you do what you need to do to win. I will be responsible for making sure that our voters turn out.”

Cue the attack ad.

Watch the clip here, clipped lovingly courtesy of the GOP:



9 thoughts on “Another attack likely coming at Begich courtesy of Obama

  1. joeblow

    Voter registration lists are a matter of public record, just like professional license lists and all manner of information about you. That’s the law.

  2. JJ

    The only people who get a thrill up the leg from this ad are Republican operatives. The rest of us are sick of it- ALL of it. I use to be indifferent to Dan Sullivan, but in two months he has managed to invade every area of my life. Can’t check the mail, watch TV, Youtube, listen to the radio-even Pandora without seeing his face. At this point-I could give a two hoots about Obama or Reid, I want to know DS position on Citizens United because as I see it that’s whats making me and everybody else miserable.

  3. Lynn Willis

    I agree, it is madness. A few years ago I know you could purchase voter registration lists from the State Division of Elections. If that practice is still allowed we need to end it or allow the voter to specify that his or her name is not to be provided to anyone for any reason without specific written permission. I would like to see all political mailings advocating or providing information regarding a candidate or issue to have to include a phone or address where you can contact them and demand they remove your name from their mailing list. Just a couple more weeks……

  4. Truth Teller

    This is a video that Mark Begich must cringe everytime he sees it. Obama says it all.
    Anyone who votes for Begich after seeing this ad must not give a hoot about the state.
    I’mm sick and tired of the Obamma – Harry Reid and Mark Begich team that screws Alaska time and time over.

  5. akmom

    I know longer listen to any ads for any political issue. I mute my TV, mute the radio, and refuse to answer the phone in the evening from any out of state phone number. I feel like I am hunkered down in some storm shelter waiting for the tornado to pass. November 7th can NOT come fast enough.

    For the record, when I feel impish, I now take the political survey calls and give them conflicting and absolutely incorrect information.

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