Anti-Begich ad likely first ever to use term ‘erectile dysfunction’

Anchorage-based adman Art Hackney isn’t known for making ads that are overly cautious. One of his most famous ones was about a gas reserves tax on the ballot in 2006. It starred himself holding a handgun, which he pointed downward and pulled the trigger. Cut to a still-smoking boot with a bullet hole through it. His most recent radio ad is pure Hackney, and is probably the very first ad for Senate in the country to use the term “erectile dysfunction.” Hackney runs the pro-Dan Sullivan super-PAC, Alaska’s Energy-America’s Values. In the ad, he rifts off of recent Begich commercials which show him zooming through the North Slope on a snowmachine, set to the backdrop music that Hackney describes as “straight out of an erectile dysfunction ad.” Listen to that one here. The other ad that he produced takes on Begich’s time as Anchorage mayor and continues with the “Malarkey Mark” theme Hackney began earlier this year. Listen to that here.


11 thoughts on “Anti-Begich ad likely first ever to use term ‘erectile dysfunction’

  1. Not fooled

    IGNORANT. I correct myself, LOL, damn, writing incoherently like a Red State Freeper Tea-baggin’ troll.
    Those damn ignorates!

  2. Not fooled

    Troll alert!!
    The same person wrote all those 8 anti-Begich posts before me. You repubthugs are so lame and obvious. Losers and cowards. Troll monkeys. Have some guts, all you people know is how to lie and cheat. That’s why the only places you can hide are Alaska and the other red states with lousy education systems and ignorate undereducated voters. And you watch FOX for the commercials. LAME.

  3. Talkeetna

    Great radio. Begich will be whinning over this for days, issuing press releases and God knows what.

  4. South Addition Resident

    I’ve been around Anchorage since the mid-1970’s. I’ve known the Begich family for years. Been an active Democrat and worked with his mom even years ago. I remember when he was Tony Knowles’ driver, when he was first elected to the Assembly and when he became Mayor. Even though I consider myself a good Democrat, I can’t bring myself to continue supporting Mark. I don’t think he knows the difference between right and wrong, good or bad. He lies so much anymore I don’t know what to believe. I have to believe in someone to give them my vote. I don’t even know who he is anymore. These ads hit the nail on the head. Hackney, as a long time Alaskan, knows what many of us do about Mark – – he’s about 90% phoney. He doesn’t hunt, fish or ride snowmachines. That’s just not him. It’s part of the persona he creates to represent Alaska. I heard that he has a concealed weapons permit. This is nothing more than a facade to cater to the NRA and gun enthusiasts. Hackney is right, he probably doesn’t even know how to clean a fish. I doubt if I’ll vote for the republican nominee. I do know I won’t vote for Begich. Mr. Hackney’s ad took that inspiration right out of me. Guess you’d call the ads effective.

  5. Pegge

    I had forgotten how bad of a mayor that Begich was. I forgot how he currried political favor with the unions by selling out us taxpayers by giving them extra large raises. Mark Begich iis dishonest, disingenuuous and a bad person. I bet Begich really squeals about these ads because they are truthful and expose him for what he really is. Come November, this woman is voting for Sullivan.

  6. Brad

    I enjoy Hackney’s sense of humor and hope we get more from his PAC. Unfortunately, I’m going to think of E.D. whenever a Begich add comes on T.V., which is every commercial break on network stations. And I’m going to think of Mark Begich whenever I see and E.D. commercial. Gross.

  7. mae

    Hackney = yawn
    Art is trying to be like The Quitter and say things that might get a rise.
    Pun totally intended.

  8. George R.

    What happened to the primary? Seems like everyone has skipped the primary and has already turned the fight into a general election battle between Begich and Sullivan. I voted for Joe Miller last time and like his conservative stands and courage. Mead Treadwell is like a fish out of water flip flopping on the issues depending on which group he’s talking to. This isn’t working obviously when you look at his campaign’s lack of performance and inability to attract support.
    I still like Joe Miller best of the four candiidates but I am also a realist and recognize that his negatives make it impossible for him to win a general election race. Begich must be praying for folks to vote for Miller in the primary and would love running against him I’m sure. The two candidates runniing I like least are Begich and Treadwell. In many respects, they are very similar and both lack integrity.
    The way I see it, my vote wiill go to Dan Sullivan because I want to beat Begich. I believe a vote for anyone other than Sullivan in the primary is a vote for Mark Begich.

  9. John Smith

    I like the substance that I hear from Dan Sullivan’s Senate Campaign. However, there is no need for ads that go negative this early, and there is never a need to be childish.

  10. JKS

    These are good, effective ads. Typical Hackney-esque style. He reaches out and rips the tonsils out of his opponents and then tramps on them. If Hackney’s PAC g ets serious funding, it is my prediction that Begiich is toast.

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