Begich doesn’t rule out voting for Reid to be Majority Leader again

As he’s done from the beginning of this race, GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan generally spoke in platitudes at Tuesday’s Senate debate in Kenai. He spoke about federal overreach, about the EPA, and of course about Obama and ObamaCare. Sen. Mark Begich, as he’s done from the beginning of the race, localized the issues. He spoke about the Magnuson Stevens Act, about the number of people in Alaska that have been helped by ObamaCare, and about his work on the VA system. Joined by Libertarian candidate Mark Fish, who salted the debate nicely, they both did a pretty good job speaking to their respective bases.

If any candidate will be hurt by the debate, it’s Begich for declining to rule out voting for Sen. Harry Reid to be the next Senate Majority Leader if the Democrats stay in power. Begich’s super-PAC is almost entirely underwritten by Reid’s Senate Majority PAC, which puts him in an awkward position.

Not 10 minutes after he said it, GOPers across the state and the country were retweeting the segment.

Is it fair? Here’s what Reid told a reporter in 2006 about his fight to keep ANWR closed: “ANWR will not happen. I am opposed to it. That was one of the joys of my life was when we defeated that legislative initiative of Sen. Stevens to drill in ANWR.”

That Reid quote is new to me, and likely to many Alaskans too. It could be devastating.

Listen to Begich here:


11 thoughts on “Begich doesn’t rule out voting for Reid to be Majority Leader again

  1. steve Wackowski

    the difference is that those republicans you listed want jobs and economic development in Alaska of course!

  2. Roy

    Who is Begich trying to fool? Let’s fact check into how many times Begich and buddy Reid invoked cloture to kill legislation on the floor. Recent bills such as executive power regarding immigration and the bipartisan Sportsman’s bill that would have added more protections to gun owners and hunters are just a few examples. Supporting and bill and then killing through cloture is NOT what you call supporting “a more open amendment process”. When Harry tells
    Mark to jump, Mark says “how high” It’s a done deal, Begich has been bought and paid for by Harry’s Super Pac.

  3. Anonymous

    Much of Begich’s campaign centers on painting Sullivan as beholden to the Koch brothers. Fine. But the people that have a far greater adverse impact on Alaska’s economy are funding Begich’s campaign and his PACs. They don’t want development in the NPRA, ANWR, OCS, Cook Inlet and they oppose every mine project. And yet the unions support Begich. The irony is that Begich’s supporters have done and want to do a lot more harm to this state’s economy than the odious Koch’s.

  4. Garand Fellow

    It’s really worse than that! Mark Begich has engineered and funded most every race around the state, including having Byron Mallot step down from the seat he won so that the Democratic gubernatorial ticket would evaporate.

    Harry Reid has been a disaster for Alaska. He is the Number 1 ANWR roadblock. He attempted to take guns away from law-abiding Alaskans. He stands in the way of resolving fisheries issues. Kowtowing to environmentalists in his own state he has blocked Lisa Murkowski’s landless Native legislation.

    Mark Begich cannot represent Alaska while supporting Harry Reid. I am disappointed that he has chosen Reid over Alaskans but I am glad the choice has become known before November 4! Go Marines.

  5. Sandra

    And you don’t think Dan Sullivan would give first priority to Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers, second to Mitch McConnell (if he is re-elected), and third to Alaska? Remember Lisa Murkowski carry water for Mitch McConnell by the buckets, posing with him photo after photo? I remember those years. Everyone plays politics to get the right placement within the caucus — no exceptions.

  6. joeblow

    Put Alaska First PAC has now spent a shade under $9 million supporting Begich. The vast majority of their funding comes from Harry Reid’s PAC.

  7. Jason

    I’m a life long Democrat. This election has caused me considerable heart ache. First, the fact that we are the only state in the country that has a gubernatorial race without a Democrat heading up the Democratic ticket. Next, My Sen. Mark Begich seems to be running away from everything I think he believes. So here’s my message to Mark –
    Just because Walker gave away all his values and beliefs doesn’t mean that’s what we want. What the heck, stand up Mark. Quit being such a scmuck. You’re starting to act like that valueless Walker. We want leadership, not apologists and people afraid to say where they stand.

  8. Northern Observer

    This is laughable. Begich is part of Harry Reid’s Leadership Team. An admission that he’s not supporting Harry Reid is the equivalent of giving himself a pink slip. I’m sick of this election. I’m even sicker of Begiich.

  9. In The Know Joe

    There’s been more than one story where prominent business leaders have gotten calls from Harry Reid threatening them if they gave money to Begich’s oppoenents. Who cares what Begich says, by now we all know that Begich is a habitual liar. He has demonstrated time and time again that he practices the politics of deceit and deception. Of course, he’ll support Majority Leader Reid. There’s no question about it. That’s why its time to send someone new to Washington.

  10. WTW

    Begich is so disingenuous. Harry Reid owns Begich. Reid’s super PAC has funded the vast vast amount of money in Begich’s super PAC. In fact, the individuals that have given were responding to calls from Harry Reid’s staff. When Harry Reid needed a vote, his boy Begich was there.
    Begich sold out Alaska time and time again for his own political future. I thiink Alaskans would be best served without him involved in Alaska’s future.

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