Begich raises $1.25 million in 2nd quarter, his biggest fundraising haul yet

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich had his personal best fundraising quarter, raising more than $1.25 million from April until the end of June. According to his campaign, 700 new Alaska donors gave this cycle, bringing the total Alaskan donor-count to more than 5,000, the campaign said. Official FEC reports aren’t due until July 15. The last two quarters, Begich was outraised by GOP contender, Dan Sullivan. In the last quarter, Begich brought in $1.05 million and had $2.8 million in the bank, while Sullivan raised $1.3 million and had just under $2 million on hand. No word yet on what the other candidates have raised, nor how much Begich has on hand.

Here’s the release from Begich’s campaign:

As the Republican primary gets more contentious, enthusiasm for Mark Begich continues to grow with 700 new Alaska donors just this quarter and over 5,000 Alaskans donating overall to his campaign this cycle, more Alaskans than all Republican candidates combined.

In the second quarter Begich raised over $1.25 million for his campaign, bringing his total to almost $8 million this election cycle.

“Mark Begich puts Alaska’s interests first in the U.S. Senate and that’s why more Alaskans have contributed to Mark than all of his opponents put together. Alaskans are standing side by side with Mark in the fight to keep women’s health care decisions safe from government intrusion, safeguard Alaskans right to privacy and develop Alaska’s resources,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Highlights of Begich’s second quarter fundraising report include:

  • Over $1.2 million raised this quarter
  • Over 5000 Alaska donors this campaign cycle, surpassing 2008 figure by nearly 1000 Alaskans
  • Over 700 new Alaska donors this quarter

4 thoughts on “Begich raises $1.25 million in 2nd quarter, his biggest fundraising haul yet

  1. Holder

    Mark Begich raoised most of his money outside Alaska. Isn’t this what this hypocritical clown has been berating Sullivan about? I don’t like Sullivan at all and plan om voting for Miller; however, Begich makes mmy stomach turn with his daily spins, lies and phoney behavior. What a slime bag.

  2. John Smith

    When you consider that funds for those opposed to Begich has been spread among three candidates, it is about time that he beat one of the three in campaign contributions in a quarter. Although, I am assuming the Republican candidates reports have not been released yet?

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