Begich rides through NPR-A in third TV ad of campaign season

On Monday, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich released his third TV ad of the election season, featuring Begich riding a snow machine through the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, or NPR-A, the source of an ongoing development battle between D.C. and the state.

“We had waited decades to drill here in the National Petroleum Reserve, but Washington was still saying no, all because they didn’t want to build a road here…” Begich says. “It took five years before I got the road approved. Next year, the oil starts flowing,” he continues after stepping off the snowmachine.

If approved and drilling begins, it could produce as much as 45,000 barrels a day, and would be the commercial production of oil from the reserve.

The end of the ad says “To be continued.” In other words, watch for a serious of similar action ads.

GOP candidate Dan Sullivan is also releasing two ads this week.


11 thoughts on “Begich rides through NPR-A in third TV ad of campaign season

  1. bill zeddies52 yr. alaskan former north sloper

    Sorry to tell you, the ad is bull. Oil drilling has gone on in NPR since 1944. Just pull up Google Earth and read the Information icons on the maps of the North Slope. The rigs in 1944 were wooden and crews have been working to clean up all but a few left for historic purposes. Mark, you cannot pull everone’s leg. Try honesty. Mud slinging and dishonesty will get you the fastet route to the unemployement office. The road story is a whole different bunch of nonsense.

  2. Myth Buster

    Begich and his propaganda machiine is at it again. This ad would have you believe that he is a supporter of oil development when in truth he’s a liberal environmentalist. Its all an act to gain the support of Alaskans. After the election, he’ll be back to supporting the national green agenda like stoppoing Pebble.

  3. Garand Fellow

    I certainly agree that Sullivan has to step up his campaign. I do not agree however that this is a good ad. First, no one believes it. Second, Begich riding a snowmachine is much like back when Ulmer was running for governor and she had herself on the front page of state newspapers holding a .44 magnum revolver. In the story she claimed that she always carried a small gun in her purse but for visiting bush locations she felt she needed a larger gun; but she was holding the gun the way someone does who has never before held a gun. Begich on a snowmachine is much the same ad; and in fact it may be produced by the same person since Ulmer back then employed and Begich now employs Celinda Lake as manager and strategist. Ads by Outside liberals cannot fool Alaskans. Begich rides a snowmachine like a bear rides a bicycle. How about a photo of Begich and Celinda Lake on the same snowmachine?

  4. Marc

    It is still early in the campaign and yet it appears that Begich has a very clear campaign message strategy which I think Sullivan lacks. This race is fertile for a Republican victory; however, all Sullivan’s campaign has shownm is interms of competency is in the area of fund raising. Sullivan’s campaign is going to have to step it up considerably to beat Begich.

  5. Jon

    I’d like to hear what exactly Begich did to get the bridge and road approved. Some intrepid reporter should then ask DNR Dan what exactly he did to help move this project along and then Alaskans can decide who deserves credit.

  6. Mae

    Well it is a Alaskan shot campaign ad. And he did work on that road.

    Next I want to see Condi Rice on a IronDog racing machine, riding under the pipeline, claiming how L48 Dan chooses respect. With photoshopped aurora shots from Canada.
    Condi will be proud.

  7. Brad

    Begich is tough on Obama’s people? He is Obama’s people! If you think Begich is fighting for Alaska, your head is in the sand. He says one thing while he’s in Alaska and votes another way in D.C. 97%

  8. Maureen

    Opening up NPR-A is good for Alaska. We need a senator that can talk to this administration. Begich fights for our interests which is tough with Obama’s people. I really like the tv ad. Congratulations. Keep up the hard work and determination.

  9. Eric

    This is the best campaign ad of the cycle so far. Captures the Alaskan spirit and highlights results nit rhetoric.

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