Begich’s latest feel-good ad

The U.S .Senate race has scarred both candidates running, but judging by approval ratings, Begich’s scars are deeper than are GOP challenger Dan Sullivan’s. The only way to try to heal those are positive messages, like those in the most current ad that the campaign is running. The campaign is likely to come out swinging against Sullivan again soon. For now, however, we can feel good for at least a little while:


3 thoughts on “Begich’s latest feel-good ad

  1. JPaul

    Begich is so disingenuous. He”fought obama?” Are you kidding me? When? Three percent of the time? How stupid does Begich think we are?
    Begich needs to be replaced.

  2. Joeblow

    This race has been analyzed by the all the high-dollar consultants for a couple of years. They knew early on that Begich could not win if he ran a positive, issues-oriented campaign. Too much Obama baggage, too many Republicans and leaners in Alaska. His only hope was to slam Sullivan and go negative. Begich’s first attack ad was in the can for weeks and aired the day after the primary.

  3. Jon K

    I wonder if Begich would be up in the polls if he ran (and all of his super PACS ran) positive ads like this in place of all of the negative ones.

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