Begich’s new ad: ‘Alaska’s Son’

Someone working for Sen. Mark Begich’s campaign might have been studying Aristotle. Begich’s latest ad, “Alaska’s Son,” which will run statewide on cable and broadcast, has ethos, pathos and logos, and is beautiful to boot. And it shows that Begich will use everything he has to win.The narrator is Begich’s wife Deborah Bonito and it features their¬†11-year-old son Jacob. It also features Begich’s father,¬†former U.S. Rep. Nick Begich, who disappeared in 1972 while traveling in a small aircraft from Anchorage to Southeast Alaska. The plane was never found.


8 thoughts on “Begich’s new ad: ‘Alaska’s Son’

  1. akmom

    Mark did not campaign “dirty” against Senator Stevens. The circumstances were unfortunate but the reality is that Senator Stevens was getting older. He made more contributions to this state than almost any person, in my opinion, but at some point someone else takes over. Mark had a very fine line to walk during that election and I think he did it admirably. I like this ad. There is no denying his deep Alaskan roots. I really think that he has Alaska’s best interests in mind and he is very intelligent. Ads will not sway me one way or the other. My vote will be cast for Begich.

  2. Garand Fellow

    It’s a safe bet we won’t see an ad that shows Mark standing alongside Obama or Reid. I would like to see him defend his voting record, especially the troublesome votes such as ObamaCare. Lame duck appointments Obama may make to federal courts worry Alaskans like me very much, and therefore Mark’s record of supporting Obama almost all of the time also worry me very much. I would like to hear an explanation and maybe even a little contrition regarding those votes, and above all I would like to hear assurances that if re-elected Begich will now stand up to Obama on all fronts. Begich won the seat under false pretenses, and his record now does not help him.

  3. I'm a light too

    Lol, show me one example of an ad in this race that gives thorough, substantive arguments for any of the candidates. Dan Sullivan loves his family and is an american hero? Those ads are just as bad as this one. This is about as good as it gets.

  4. Dana

    Usually Begich trashes his opponent. This ad is different but still he doesn’t have much to why Alaskans should vote for him or explain why he has been lead around DC by Obama. I’m not very satisfied with the representation he has provided. He’s mostly talk and I want more.

  5. Ben Rowell

    A sitting U.S. Senator is judged on his voting record and his word, not who his Dad was.

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