9 thoughts on “Bella Hammond endorses Begich in new ad

  1. Bella

    Does L48 Dan even know who the Bush Rat is?

    One thing about Jay, is he didn’t have to jump on the coat tails of his wife to prove his vision of what is best for Alaska.
    Jay stood on his own two feet. L48 Dan is still tryin to get the Ohio mud off his sneakers.

  2. Sharon Kay

    I admired Governor Jay Hammond. To bad the Mark Begich campaign used the innocent elder Bella to advertise for supporting him. I don’t think Jay would have. Mark Begich was self-serving when he was mayor of Anchorage. His wife ended up with one of the oldest buildings (Kimballs) in an ideal location for her store, including winning the bid for her magazine store at the Ted Stevens International Airport while Mark was Mayor. He put Anchorage in debt $25 million dollars and my damn taxes on my old home (built in 1964) kept going up year after year. I support and will vote for Dan Sullivan. I can’t stand anyone who supports the liar Obama, especially the phony Mark Begich. Mark needs to go back and wear his frugal cheap $10 t-shirts. They suit him well.

  3. Garand Fellow

    It’s an above average ad for the Begich campaign. However, every liberal, lefty cause in Alaska has used Mrs. Hammond in ads, and therefore the ad just won’t garner much traction. And this is not in the same class as the ad featuring the father of a veteran killed in the war with Islamic terrorists.

  4. Mike

    That is a great ad. I admire Bella Hammond’s dignity and grace. If the rest of Begich’s ads are this nice, Sullivan’s going to start seeing his % lead diminish.

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