Billionaire political players eyeing Alaska

New York Republican billionaire Paul Singer is beginning to make his mark in Republican politics, and Politico reports that he’s already begun taking an interest in Alaska by donating to U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan and holding fundraisers for him and other Republican Senate candidates.

Singer, who made his money in hedge funds, like many of his fellow mega rich donors, is for low taxes, and less federal government regulation. However, he diverges wildly from many of them on social issues. He’s aggressively pro-gay rights and pro-immigration and has given money and organized events to tout both of those causes.

Politico reports that one of Singer’s groups, American Opportunity Alliance, had a fundraiser in New York in December for Sullivan, Reps. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Steve Daines of Montana, who are both running for Senate. All told, the fundraiser raised $530,000 which was divided between the three candidates.

The publication also reports that Sullivan is scheduled to appear at another fundraiser organized by Singer at the end of February at a Colorado resort.

Billionaires don’t come in one party, however. Another one, California billionaire Tom Steyer, who plans to invest at least $100 million to help make climate change a defining issue in this year’s elections, had at one point recently reportedly been poking around in Alaska.

It’s unclear, however, if the state and its pro-development litmus tests on both sides of the aisle were to his tastes.

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11 thoughts on “Billionaire political players eyeing Alaska

  1. Mae

    Interesting concept, L48 Dan doing some visits to rural alaska.
    Colorado fundraising is calling him though.

  2. AlaskaCodPiece

    Oh, please … I have never ”begged” for DNR Dan to visit ‘my town’ — I’ve only queried why he has yet to visit and talk with rural Alaskans.
    I also have never said I “hate” DNR Dan. I have never had the opportunity to meet or talk with the man (living in remote AK).

    I surely don’t like what he seems to represent in terms of taking the public out of the comment and appeals processes, changing the AK Constitution regarding lands/water usages — and the fact that he rides on his wife’s coat tails to claim his bogus Alaska ‘residency’ and devotion. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is an Ohio carpetbagger.

  3. Lynn Willis

    I am still waiting for a corporation, union or any other organization actually make a speech. Anonymously purchased speech does not deserve the protections of individual free speech.

  4. Brad

    Something is up with Cod. In one comment he’s begging for Sullivan to make a campaign stop in his town, the next comment he hates Sullivan. Strange.

  5. AlaskaCodPiece

    Au contraire. Cod is actually the most popular fish in the world, in all its forms.
    My crush is on any politician who is truly out for the best for all Alaskans, not a carpetbagger who wants to pave over our great state for the benefit of Outside or foreign corporations, a la DNR Dan.

  6. Green

    Love it when the right whine. Love it when the right get hit with a enviro billionaire. Wake up right wing. The pendulum is swinging. And yes, we’ll be smoking legal pot when we celebrate our Begich, Mallott, Repeal SB 22 victory after the elections. Ha !

  7. Magnum

    I don’t like Steyer, spiders, snakes or cod.
    One more example of how the democrats are ruining Alaska. Soon all we will be doing his selling weed for our kids to smoke with the tax proceeds all going to the NEA. Alaska democrats and their outside billionaire liberal enviros are a freak show that our state doesn’t need.

  8. Can't Stand Cod

    Cod is a cheap flakey fish. It’s an appropriate on-line name for someone who makes flakey cheap comments about some politicians. Does this guy have man crush on Begich or Treadwell? I can’t tell.

  9. AlaskaCodPiece

    DNR Dan is making the rounds in DC and at a “Colorado resort” but he can’t make his way to rural Alaska. Oh wait: we have to wait until the weather gets better, we’re told….

    DNR Dan is a stranger to Alaskans who don’t live on the road system. I guess we are not important enough for him to talk with and share his views. He is so out of touch with the real Alaska it is amazing … He doesn’t stand a chance.

  10. Pro-development and Proud

    Al Gore calls Steyer an American hero. I call him a rich kid trying to ruin America. He hates big oil, he funds greenie groups and is a radical envro. Let’s hope he stays away from Alaska. He is so bad that he makes Obama look conservative.

  11. Vince "Bald"trami

    This just makes me sad. More evidence that BIG BUSINESS is just looking to buy a U.S. Senate seat. Further justification that Citizen’s United was decided by a SCOTUS that is owned by Corporate America.

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