Captain Zero alert

During Gov. Sean Parnell’s tenure, Alaska Department of Labor hired Judge Paul Pozonsky who was being actively and openly investigated by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office at the time of his hire. Pozonsky has been charged for pilfering cocaine while on the bench in Pennsylvania. He is the brother-in-law of Chuck Kopp, a short lived Alaska public safety commissioner under Palin and current staffer for Alaska state Sen. Fred Dyson.

This happened under Parnell’s watch and yet he refuses to comment. Quote from the ADN:

A spokeswoman for Gov. Sean Parnell would not answer questions about the case Thursday, including whether Parnell believes failure to vet candidates is a widespread problem in the state and whether Pozonsky was given special consideration for the job because of personal connections to current or former state employees. The spokeswoman, Sharon Leighow, referred all inquires to the Labor Department.

You guessed it: Labor’s spokesperson is on vacation until June 3.

What could Parnell be thinking? Who in heaven’s name is advising him to stay mum? Does he have laryngitis? Is he scared? Does his simply not care? Does he have something to hide?

To the extent that this debacle could have been avoided as a big campaign issue, Parnell’s silence assures that it will stay front-and-center. That is, if any challenger or Alaska’s Democratic Party has any political instincts, which still remains to be seen.



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