Closing ads for Parnell and Walker

Here’s both Gov. Sean Parnell’s and Bill Walker’s closing TV ads. What do you all think?


11 thoughts on “Closing ads for Parnell and Walker

  1. Jayme Miller

    Parnell has a record and it’s been a positive one for my family and my friends. Walker and this unity ticket thing, they want ‘change’ but I want more of the good Alaska Parnell has helped bring. I believe Alaska will be more likely to get a gasline under Parnell, and Walker’s talk of raising revenue through resource development with his opposition to oil tax reform scares me. I don’t trust him not to change the oil tax reform Alaska passed. His attitude toward the oil and gas industry has been adversarial. I appreciate Parnell’s position:: he drives a hard bargain with industry but he also understands what it takes for the private sector to invest and succeed, which benefits Alaska.

  2. Straitlaced Radical

    Both are a little fluffy. Walker’s might have had more impact if his underlying campaign hadn’t been so driven by platitudes already. I like that Parnell talks more directly to the camera.

  3. Sam P.

    Zot tips his/her hand at his/her own confusion…It’s not Medicare expansion, but Medicaid. Time to do some unbiased research. Although I began to outline the complexities, I realize there would not be enough room or interest on Zot’s part. I hope Zot has the opportunity to attend a hearing as the state wrestles with the largest cost driver in the budget. It would be most informative.

    As for the National Guard, what research has Zot done? I recommend the Juneau Empire report:

    And then take a gander at Alaska Public Media, which is finally backing away from its alignment with the slaughterhouse formerly known as the Alaska Dispatch:

  4. Anonymous

    Walker mumbles, stumbles, bumbles through debate after debate, promises and slogans abound, no record of civic accomplishment and some voters actually find this appealing? Alaskans are amazing!

  5. The Zot

    Neither of them are the best for the job, but Parnell is certainly the worst. Even forgetting his distorted record on the National Guard disgrace, he earned his moniker of Captain Zero long before we learned of all that.

    His refusal to take federal money and expand Medicare in Alaska should be the deciding factor alone…and everyone who doesn’t get this fact needs to go and do some unbiased research.

  6. Nathan

    I agree with Jenny, that Parnell’s campaign has been so untruthful and negative with their ads. My friends and I all agree that Parnell just can’t be trusted. If he’ll lie in ads and press releases, he’ll do the same as Governor. And the fact that he hasn’t been cooperative with all requests regarding the National Guard Scandal makes it clear he’s hiding something. If I was accused of not acting appropriately, and I was innocent, I would be giving all documents and cooperate 100% in order to clear my name. Parnell has not done that and that’s very telling.

  7. Crude is Rude - Gas is gold

    CUTE videos…

    Parnell might be a nice guy & all,
    but I plainly see he’s been taking Alaska down the wrong fork in the road.
    ….. google: regulatory capture

    Walker/Mallott have what takes to keep Alaska going strong…
    these guys really are playing with a full deck of cards.
    ..not only do they have a quiet but solid gas-industry strategy,
    they also have much experience with all of the issues every Alaskan struggles with everyday.


  8. Jenny

    I’m a registered independent and have been on the fence, but the negative and false advertising from the Parnell campaign and supporters has pushed me to vote Walker/Mallott. The Walker/Mallott campaign has stayed positive and stuck to the facts.

  9. Garand Fellow

    I think that Sean and Sandy Parnell will pull this off, and they deserve to do so. They have been good for Alaska, and they are best prepared to meet the significant challenges now facing all of us.

    Without knowing how tomorrow will go I can identify some winners and losers in this 2014 election right now. First, a big winner is No media participant has distinguished itself as this outlet has. No one interested in Alaska politics fails to check with this website every day. I would bet that state newspapers check this site every hour.

    Another winner is Joe Miller. Coming in second on August 19, and following through on his commitment to back the winner in that campaign has earned any redemption anyone believed Miller needed post 2010. I don’t know what he will do in 2016 (sure hope he doesn’t take on Lisa again as the Alaska Republican Party could not stand another of those) but I expect to see him be a real contender in some important race.

    A big loser is the Alaska Democratic Party. People met behind closed doors to overturn the results of a completely legitimate primary election. That trashed the brand and recovery will be slow and painful. Fooling voters is always a bad idea, especially if you intend to seek their votes another time.

    Another winner is the National Rifle Association. Faced with a generally anti-gun US Senator who stood up to Obama at a critical point when Obama (and Harry Reid) seemed to have the precise emotional moment to take guns away from law-abiding Alaskans the NRA had to carefully protect its independence without confusing its principles and contemporary personalities. The NRA did that very well.

    Another loser is big labor. Fearing the Republican Lt. Gov. candidate big labor forgot that it’s the legislature that appropriates money and in doing so it bit the hand that has been feeding it so well. Big labor could learn the craft of politics from watching the NRA.

    Another loser is the Alaska education lobby. No one not directly on the education gravy train believes that even more money should be thrown at education, and in failing to understand that the education lobby has burned some bridges this campaign season that legislators most likely to be in leadership spots will be happy to see in ruins. The legislature may finally have the courage to stand up to the Alaska Education Association and anyone running for governor today will be relieved to see that. Education funding is no longer sacrosanct, the AEA is to blame, and the timing is precisely right for people who will be faced with very tough budget decision.

    I believe I see a few other winners and one or two additional losers but am reluctant to list them. Given the changes in Alaska that almost certainly need to begin in 2015 it’s very lucky for conservatives that the Alaska Democratic Party, big labor and the education lobby chose 2014 as their year to be stupid.

  10. Juneauite

    I am voting Parnell!

    I don’t trust the Walker/Mallott ticket… Byron quit on Juneau once before, Bill has caved on his fundamental principals by getting in bed with the Democrats. I don’t trust these men. Governor Parnell delivers what Governor Parnell says.

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