Comment of the day: The ‘terrible stain’ of torture

Reader Ah Ha, who, judging by his/her past  comments, is no raging lefty, comments on the torture report and about other commenters who urge those reading it to put it into historical context:

I believe I am keeping in mind the ‘historical context’ when I recall that our country was founded by by men of the certain belief that there were some things that an honorable person should not stoop to. It’s historically been one of the hallmarks of our country and used to be a hallmark of democracy.

I am a American. In the past I answered my country’s call to arms and did so with a sense of honor and pride knowing that my country valued above all things the certitude of being morally correct and honorable.

What has been revealed today is nothing less than a terrible stain upon the honor and dignity of our country and no right thinking person should either condone or defend it.

Today, I am ashamed for my country.


3 thoughts on “Comment of the day: The ‘terrible stain’ of torture

  1. cheech

    How much longer can we drone on about this subject?

    Oh that’s right – it is OK as a national policy to kill “enemy combatants” with drones with absolutely no type of legal or legislative oversight through the executive branch kill (drone) on sight no questions asked policy.

    The news media is filled with regular stories of enemy combatants being killed by US drones, along with anyone else in the near vicinity, which also at times happens to be other ne’er-do-wells but also sometimes women and children and sometimes male do-wells.

    How will the American psyche feel when Muslims walk the Arab streets with Hands Up Don’t Drone t-shirts? Anyone think we are going to see Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Cornell West with members of CAIR walking the streets of New York City with Hands Up Don’t Drone protest signs anytime soon?

    Tough to water board a terrorism suspect when only bits and pieces of their body make it to the morgue for forensic genetic identification. That’s what it means when the news reports say investigators are awaiting results of genetic ID – there is no others means of ID because only small remnants of a body or bodies remain at the scene of the drone…

    As a nation we have shown over the past six years of this administration and with the cheerleading national media lapdogs in its benign neglect formation that we don’t give two diddle winks about “collateral damage” from this drone policy, where literal thousands of people no longer walk on this Earth because a drone missile blew them to smithereens.

    Also blown to smithereens is any information such people could reveal in interrogations.

    Oh god no, goes the cry across the Middle East, don’t capture us alive and psychologically torture us – our minds are much too brittle for that – it is much more just to just blow us up.

    We don’t want to be captured and spend five to ten in a detention center in America only to be released back in our homelands as heroes to once again plot to kill again against the Infidels.

    Just blow us up – and we will follow suit and just behead any Infidels who do not willingly accept submission.

    As a nation that has a Drone on Sight policy, can we please be spared the Faux Moral Angst on this subject.

  2. Bill S

    The release of the torture report was a long time coming. Now that we have lanced the boil, it’s time to drain the pus. If we won’t put the perpetrators on trial, then there is a court in the Haag that will.

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