Condoleezza Rice comes out for Sullivan again

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s former boss, is up again on T.V. with an ad urging Alaskans to vote for him. This is her second appearance in the Senate race and her first for the official campaign. If you’re going to have a surrogate speaking for you, Rice isn’t a bad get.


17 thoughts on “Condoleezza Rice comes out for Sullivan again

  1. Joe Barnard

    Actually what they said was there was no proof found of a WMD progam after Bush Iraq invasion #1, AKA the Gulf War, which is true. Thanks for playing and say hi to Rush for me.

  2. Bowhunter

    Again, you are demonstrating that you don’t know a thing about racism or sexism. You seem to be going the way of the Tazmanian Devil-frothing at the mouth, slobbering on and on off topic to deflect from your ignorance. The point is no one can look at the state of the Middle East today and say the Iraq war was a success. The Iraq War is huge example of Condi’s failure as a leader. Says a lot of Sullivan for him to use her a character witness. Maybe when he comes out of hiding someone can ask him his opinion on the Iraq War and if he thinks Condi made mistakes.

  3. Husker Dew

    A black woman can be criticized if she is a Republican but not as a liberal Democrat. Because criticism of any liberal woman is sexist, and racist if she is black, but only as long as she holds libetal values.

    If she (any woman of any color) holds conservative values, then just default to crazy, because we know only crazy women eschew the shackles of the liberal value system.

    But What Difference Does It Make?

    That was the defense of the symbolic female figurehead of liberalism when she was faced with Congressional criticism.

    History will ultimately evaluate the efficacy of both the Bush Cheney and Obama Biden foreign policies and what strategies worked and what didn’t work.

    And speaking of crazy, watch the liberal establishment start to tear apart the sitting president, but not based on policy but on personality.

    Obama is too aloof, doesn’t seem engaged, is not competent…

    Those mantras are coming at a more frequent pace from the liberal machine.

    But let me be perfectly clear, because the alternative narrative of framing it as a collossal series of policy failures would be quite frankly crazy.

  4. Bowhunter

    Right…because Condolezza is black and a woman she can’t be criticized. It’s ironic (and laughable) that you are throwing around the term racist and sexist. You obviously don’t know what those words mean. No cookie for you. You’ve already had too much sugar.

  5. Anonymous

    No one in this space is as accomplished as she is, especially not the in-bred, insular, haters of anyone outside of Alaska. Just look at the comment below.

  6. Anonymous


    You could never hold Condoleeza Rice’s socks. Your IQ is a fraction of hers. Just give it up. The broken record is ridiculous and you sound like a fool.

  7. MW

    Apparently, you didn’t read the NY Times report that they found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. All the idiots who have been saying for years that they never existed may now scrape the egg off of their faces. Would you like a spatula?

  8. Bowhunter

    So? Condi in an accomplished person; she can play the piano and figure skate too. Many of the people that led the US into invading Iraq are also intelligent accomplished people–Dick Cheney, George Bush, Colin Powell…. It doesn’t absolve them from being wrong and continuously misleading the American public about what the intelligence community was telling them about Iraq. Yes, she is smart, but despite her dismal leadership track record, it says a lot about Sullivan that he wants to parade her around as his character witness.

  9. Sam P.

    She is quite accomplished.
    More so than most of us commenting in this space. Put together. And multiplied by 40.

  10. Mae

    I suppose if this is as local as L48 Dan can muster….

    If she plans on visiting, will she bring her own “mushroom cloud”?

  11. Bowhunter

    Don’t change the subject. We’re not looking at Susan Rice. We’re looking at Condolezza “mushroom cloud” Rice one of the blundering architects of the Iraq War. You (and obviously Dan Sullivan) haven’t come to terms with what a colossal mistake Iraq was.

  12. Husker Dew

    And when you look at Susan Rice do you see Barack Obama and Joe Biden?

    Is that a more comforting picture for you?

  13. Andy Josephson

    She’s not a bad get, except for the fact that some believe she should have been indicted and convicted as guilty of war crimes.

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