Current map of U.S. Senate races

Here’s uber diviner Larry Sabato’s latest Senate race map as of Oct. 13. Unlike Stu Rothenberg, Sabato hasn’t moved Alaska’s Senate race to”tilt Republican,” leaving Alaska as one of three toss-up states.
2014-10-09 Senate Map (600)


One thought on “Current map of U.S. Senate races

  1. Joeblow

    Hellenthal and CNN polls out the last two days show Sullivan up by 4-5%. It has been at least 6 weeks since a poll has come out showing Begich in the lead. Surely if this race was this close, there would be at least one poll showing Begich close.

    Another tell: No late surge of Dem money trying to push Begich over the top.

    One more thing: By about 4 Alaska time, the elections in the Lower 48 will be over and the Republicans will control the Senate. Thousands of Alaska Dems will skip the polls after work and go home.

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