Dear APOC: You need a website that works

I said last night that I was going to write about the 30 day APOC reports from state House and Senate candidates which were due yesterday. However, the APOC website has been acting twitchy and I can’t get the information. This isn’t new. Since I’ve been covering politics, the agency’s website always seems to go down during times of high traffic, which is ironic considering one of the main purposes of the agency is transparency. Here’s the agency’s mission statement:

To encourage the public’s confidence in their elected and appointed officials by administering Alaska’s disclosure statutes and publishing financial information regarding the activities of election campaigns, public officials, lobbyists and lobbyist employers.

I’ll continue to try, and maybe in the future APOC can try to encourage the public’s confidence in their state agencies by ensuring that the publication of financial information regarding the activities of election campaigns, public officials, lobbyists and lobbyist employers, is done in a timely manner that doesn’t involve wanting to throw your computer across the room. 


7 thoughts on “Dear APOC: You need a website that works

  1. kyle

    Believe it or not the sortable volume of information is leaps and bounds ahead of what it used to be. As for the policy on enforcement vs assistance, you have to be able to monitor the Bob Gillams of the world. Some people just don’t like the sunshine…

  2. Yvonne

    So frustrating. Their website has consistently been problematic. I spent the better part of the day trying to get on their site. Message to APOC – get your s%#t together.

  3. M. Thomas

    The commission members should demand the resignation of their executive director. This is ridiculous and common place for this agency. The public deserves better.

  4. anonymous

    APOC’s integrity has fallen into question. They can’t seem to accomplish their most important mission – – public disclosure. Yet, they have the audacity to condemn others for simple unintended mistakes.
    They now represent all the bad they are to protect the public against. Wish Parnell had the courage to fix this agency. These folks are out of control.

  5. BH

    APOC needs to be looked at. The purpose and mission of the agency is important; however, under Elizabeth Hickerson’s oversight as chair the agency has evolved in an out of control monster. They have become a police agency instead of an information agency. The employee turnover is unparalleled. The agency is broken, needs to be sunset, reconstituted, new board members appointed and a new staff director hired. Until then, the agency will remain a joke.

  6. Derp

    Is info still spread between three websites, for before during and after their new system launch?

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