Dems outraged over Outside money in Senate race. Guess who’s funding Begich?

Money The Alaska Democratic Party sent out yet another press release, warning Alaskans that Outside interests and Outside money is trying to buy Alaska’s Senate seat for GOP candidate Dan Sullivan. This while U.S. Sen. Mark Begich’s campaign itself is awash in Outside money.

“Outside groups are attempting to force Ohio Dan Sullivan on Alaskans, but their Outside funding hasn’t translated into local support,” the statement said. The release followed on the heels of an announcement that Karl Rove’s group Americans Crossroads has reserved $5.5 million of post-primary TV time in Alaska. The NRSC’s independent expenditure arm booked another $2.2 million for September and October.

These announcements themselves followed an announcement that Begich’s super-PAC, Put Alaska First, was planning a $4 million media buy for the last eight weeks leading up to the election. Put Alaska First is nearly completely funded by the Senate Majority PAC. Recently the PAC reported it had receipts of $5.7 million from April 17th through April 30th. The major donor was the California environmentalist billionaire Thomas Steyer, who put $5 million in the PAC. Another noted, big name donor to the PAC is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is leading the charge for gun control.

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13 thoughts on “Dems outraged over Outside money in Senate race. Guess who’s funding Begich?

  1. Brad

    As a Sullivan supporter, I’m shocked.

    The real thing to take away from this article is that Mead Treadwell is an awful person.
    Sullivan is the best.
    Treadwell is the worst.

    We’ll make sure that all the voters know that everyone but Dan has sinned, and is therefore not fit to lead.
    Dan is without sin. Dan is an Alaskan. Dan is a veteran.
    What’re you gonna do?
    We’re the best.

    But unite republicans and all that jazz.

  2. Andy

    My point is that I’m unsure if, and actually doubt, Dave Steyer is giving directly to Begich. The political posturing – is what it is…..Senate candidate Sullivan gets massive financial indirect help from Koch Brothers and Rove through their PACs, and Begich – to a lesser degree, gets benefit from PAC monies directed to messaging on his behalf or more appropriately delineated, against Sullivan. But it’s been made clear that NextGen Climate, Steyer’s political group, said it would back candidates in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Maine, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania “who face challenges from opponents who either doubt that humans cause climate change or receive donations from the fossil fuel industry.” So I’m just saying, YES – the Koch Bros. are intentionally and strategically supporting Dan Sullivan, but David Steyer is NOT directly supporting Mark Begich because Begich has been overtly and adamantly pro-development and ANWR. This is very relevant to distinguish for the undecideds who dissect the minutia. The Houston Chronicle in late April said Steyer is “a one man anti Keystone XL Pipeline force, but one man flashing $100 million at candidates and the President buys a lot of devotion,” while Begich publicly condemned Pres. Obama’s delay of the Keystone XL Pipeline decision until after the elections. The Kochs are helping Sullivan. Steyer is not helping Begich.

  3. RON from Girdwood

    I don’t know who all these folks are that are commenting and complaining about Sen. Begich. The fact that David Steyer is supporting our senator is why I am going to vote for him. Without Mr. Steyer’s engagement the Keystone pipeline project would have already been approved. Mr. Steyer cares about our environment and fights corporate polluters. He stands up to those who want to open ANWR. We need to protect ANWR as it is one of the few pristine examples of protected land and waters. People are complaining because Begich thinks and cares about clean water, clean air and a healthy environment. That’s why America needs Mark Begich. We need him to help insure a Democratic majority in the US Senate to stop the oil companies, mining companies and others intent on screwing up the environment. While some complain about Obama, I wish Begich would vote with him even more than he does. Viva Begich!

  4. alyce

    This article exposes the creepy, bisgusting and despicanle side of Mark Begich’s leadership of the Alaska Democratic Party. I don’t know how any Alaskan that understands our state’s economy or respects the 2nd amendment could vote for Begich after reading this article.

  5. Brad

    Begich has so many Alaskans fooled. If they new the truth, he wouldn’t even be competitive in this race. R’s need to expose Begich for the liar that he is.

  6. Carolyn G.

    I had no idea what a fraud the Democrats and Begich were attempting to advance. I am sadly shocked.

  7. Talle

    Guess who’s funding Begich is an open book test with this article. Sadly it is Thomas Steyer (a billionaire anti-development greenie frrom California), Michael Bloomberg (an anti-gun activist who is a big gun control frealk frrom New York) and Harry Reid (who has opposed almost everthing Alaska’s economy depends upon). Thank you for pointing out these facts that Begich is trying to run away and hide from. I appreciate your journalistic balance and courrage to call a spade a spade. Other members of the media appear to either have a bias in support of Begich or are too dumb to notice the hypocrisy of his statements and the lies he tells. Wish we had more balanced and fair political reporters such as yourself. Nice job Amanda.

  8. terri

    I too am outraged. I’m outragged over the Democrats hypocrisy, lies, misrepresentations and lack of civility. The Democrats and Begich’s entire campaign thuus far has been one of negative attacks, lies, dispersions and fraudulent claims. Begich attacks hos opponents in some bizzarrre way and hope that he innoculates himself from such claims from his opponent. Oitside money, like it or not, is a way of politics today. Begich is critical of Sullivan for living in Alaska having been born in Ohio. I was born outside of Alaska too. These criticisms from Begich are offensive to me as well. And yes, the Sullibvan cammpaign is taking outside money too. They’ve taken moneuy from the US Chamber of Commercve for one. Begich takes money from billionaoire environmentalists, pro-gun control advocates and Harry Reid – – all enemies of Alaska. He claims that Dan Sullivan is somehow sleezy because he has taken support from the Koch bothers. The truth? Begich has taken a $5000 contribution from the Koch brothers. Dan Sullivan has taken no money from them. Alaska needs a senator with some integrity. In other words, anyone but Begich. Senator Begich votes with Obama 97% of the time and talks about standinhg up for Alaska and being independent says it, you can pretty much expect that it is a lie. Seems like he’s teaching other Alaskab Democrats the same tricks with the lies they ate telling about the oil industry.

  9. The Alaskan Economist 3

    Begich has no room to talk. He has sucked in more outsiide money than anyone in the history of the state has. David Steyer who wants to shut down oil development has directed millions to help Begich.
    Mark Begich is anti-oil development. There is a reason why the liberal billionaire greenies are supporting Begich. And their reasons aren’t good for Alaska. For the Democrats to have issued this press release is a slap in the face to all thinking Alaskans. It is disingenuous and a clear attempt to mislead the public. It’s a shame that Sen. Begich has no respect for Alaskans. He lacks a moral compass.

  10. 357

    This is typical of Begich’s operation. It is a deceitful diversionary tatic. He screams loudly about outside money that the GOP and Sullivan is involved with hoping to avoid people finding out that even larger sums are coming into his campaign from liberal environmentalists and gun control advocates. Think about it. Why are gun control advocates and liberal environmentalists that want to keep ANWR closed spending millions to help Begich keep his seat? It’s because they know that he votes with Obama 97% of the timeperspective, if the gun control guys and the enviros want Begich, then I’m for anybody but Begich.
    Begich is BAD FOR ALASKA.

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