Young blasts Begich for taking undeserved credit

The video below was brought to my attention from a source who does not want Sen. Mark Begich reelected. I’m putting it up because it’s on Rep. Don Young’s official campaign channel and it’s in the public domain. Fair warning: I know it’s Young talking and I know his words are unaltered. I’m told that it was shot last week in Fairbanks while Young was campaigning. But I don’t know who asked the question or who’s holding the camera.

Young is referring to Begich’s claims in recent ads about a road in NPR-A, and about his role in other projects across the state. I’ve been hearing grumblings for years from some of both Young and Murkowski staffers about Begich taking full credit for things that he had but a part. And that might be true, but I’m not in D.C., and it’s nearly impossible to know which congressional member should get credit for what. I do know that contrary to what Young says in the video, Begich should get credit for getting the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center built. As mayor of Anchorage, he fought tirelessly for the convention center. In any case, it’s the most explosive video yet of the campaign season. Young is popular in Alaska, and this will not help Begich’s campaign.

I also know that to the extent there’s been a détente between Young and Begich, that’s probably over, for now at least.

This just in from Begich’s spokesperson Max Croes:

Congressman Young and Senator Begich had known each other for a long time and have a strong working relationship.  Along with Senator Murkowski, they have been able to rack up big accomplishments for Alaska. The combined seniority of Alaska’s team will continue to bring new jobs, oil and gas development, and infrastructure investments for Alaska.

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11 thoughts on “Young blasts Begich for taking undeserved credit

  1. Sandy

    Mark is full of hypocrisy. He says one thiing and does another. He claims to be true to Alaska but supports Obama’s anti- development policies.

  2. VN Vet 49/67

    Don Young is the man. Calls is straight up. As a veteran, I’ve watched Begich give me and my brothers lip service and then claim credit for others work.

  3. VN Vet 49/67

    One thing for sure. Congressman Young tells the truth. I don’t like Begich. He infuriates me when he talks about his suppport for veterans. It is simply not true.

  4. RDC Member

    Thank you Don Young. As always, you call it like you see it.
    I am so tired of Begich claiming credit for everything. His whole candidacy is a fraud. Believe me, you cannot be standing up for Alaska if you are voting with the Obama administration and Harry Reid 97% of the timeadministration is making it increasingly difficult to develop our resources.
    I work for a major oil company and know what I am talking about. The reason I didn’t use my real name was for fear of retalliation. Harry Reid has already called and threatened the president of my company. I didn’t think this was the way our system of politics and government was suppose to work. Most recently, Begich tried to claim credit for getting the gentlemen from API to speak at the AOGA annual meeting. Again, not true. Begich is one of those politicians that doesn’t seem capable of telling the truth or knowing the difference between fact and fiction. Again, thank you Don Young.

  5. Art

    Senator Begich’s spokesman should have prefaced his statement with – Senator Begich apologizes for giving the impression that he “got the Denaina Center built” as he says in his ad. Congressman Young’s statement simply says it should be “we, we, we – not I, I, I” as Begich so frequently gushes. There would be no Denaina Center without the hard work of Stevens, Murkowski and Young.

  6. RDC Member

    This is the best posting of the political season so far. Don Young, as always, tells it just like it is. I am a senior executive with a resource development company and have been frustrated beyond words how Begich claims doing all kinds of things for the oil industry which simply isn’t true. How can you even claim to be suppportive of the industry when you vote with President Obama and Harry Reid 97% of the time when they are against developing Alaska’s resources almost 100% of the timeeven went so far as to threaten BP. Most recently, Begich was claiming credit for getting the speaker from API to come to Alaska for the AOGA luncheon meeting. It’s almost safe to say that if it comes out of Begich’s mouth that it’s a good chance that it is a lie. I applaud Don Young for sppeaking out.

  7. Mae

    Hypocrisy drips from Don’s lips like a Yukon River bootlegger.
    Don, why are you even bothering with Begich? He probably didn’t even vote for you.
    Isn’t that your mantra, those that don’t vote for you, don’t get the time of your day? Which, by the way, speaks to your bitching about that me, me, me, me mantra.
    Now scoot along now, you have congressional votes to miss and avoid.

  8. 357

    Begich’s spokesperson’s comment boders on laughable. Really? This is there response? Seems like the senator’s lies are finally starting to catch up with him. I appreciate Don Young’s courage in coming forward. Without doubt, Lisa Murkowskii feels the same way, however, she probably lacks the political courage and intestinal fortitude to come forward. Hopefully, at a minimum, Begich will quit being a constant liar and start telling Alaskans the truth. I won’t hold my breath.

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