DSCC hits Sullivan on Social Security and Medicare in multi-million dollar ad buy

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is on air in Alaska, with a “multi-million dollar” ad buy, hitting GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan on Medicaid and Social Security. The ad features Gladys Meacock, whose husband has Alzheimer’s. “Our lives are hard enough. We don’t need Dan Sullivan making them even tougher,” Meacock says.

Sullivan has promised to work to repeal ObamaCare, which has saved seniors an average of $900 a year just on prescription drugs. If the law were repealed, seniors would also lose access to a host of preventative care benefits, including mammograms and colonoscopies. Also as pointed out in the ad, Sullivan has said that he would be willing to vote on a plan that would raise the age of retirement for younger generations.

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5 thoughts on “DSCC hits Sullivan on Social Security and Medicare in multi-million dollar ad buy

  1. Anonymous

    People are living longer so why not increase the age for social security – it has been done before and is the single most effective way to save the program.

  2. Mae

    Well ain’t that special, L48 Dan, who is “always fixing for Alaskans”, except seniors.

    Why on earth should he give a damn about available healthcare to begin with? He gets military medical benefits and his kids go to AMNC.
    You Alaskan seniors are thrown under the bus!

  3. MKG

    Where are the factual data points? It seems like everything Begich and his supporters throw at Dan are lies. My favorite, if you remember, was their claims that he was a Md resiident while serving his country. Now, they are asking Md officials to investibate him claiming that he was an Alaska resident while living in Md. Totally insane. Then, they made the Jerry Active ad that was labeled as a lie by the Attorney General and every respectable news and political fact checking organization across the state as well as the country. If the Begich campaign or his superpac says it, you can pretty much expect it’ll be a lie.

  4. Mike

    Is it just me or does the ad not mention Begich at all? It would have been so easy to have her say something like, “That is why I’m voting for Mark Begich.” …that is unless she too is not voting for Mark anymore because of his awful ad.

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