Election Day: 11 a.m.

You know who we need to hear more from? Sarah Palin, of course.  Here she is, urging us to vote for Walker/Mallott:


Begich was at the Atwood state office building greeting workers as they were coming to work this morning. Smart.

One of my favorite apparatchiks, Democratic Party Finance Chair Rocky Plotnick, was spotted waving signs on the corner of Northern Lights and Seward. Meantime, Sullivan campaign manager Ben Sparks and Sullivan’s consultant Mike Dubke were near the same intersection waving signs. From a reader: “NBC has an exit poll operation at my polling place: Ketchikan precinct 1. 1st time I’ve ever seen or heard of one in KTN.” Election Day birthday wishes to Barb Angaiak.

From the producer of Begich’s television spots. He did great work this cycle:

And now a word from Judy Eledge:

Judy eledge judge

Here’s a cheery comment by Lynn Willis on my election prediction story:

My prediction is that soon enough the unsustainable spending of the last four years under our current legislative majority and Governor Parnell will become apparent. Our savings will by then have been depleted and falling oil prices will have offset the benefits of SB21. These shiny new capital projects will now further burden the operating budget as maintenance requirements. The AKLNG project will be proven to not be viable or will experience significant cost overruns which we will not be able to meet as an equity partner without spending the body of the Permanent Fund. If the line is built we will not have the funds to distribute gas or energy from gas to Alaskans outside the pipeline corridor. To compound the problem we will be forced to spend the Permanent Fund earnings for state operations. This will cause the individual PFD to be diverted to fund government and local taxes will have increased. Absent government spending, the State economy will contract. We will still have minimal federal representation so we will be a low priority for federal spending as federal debt increases and partisanship increases. When that happens there will be no politician in Alaska running unopposed and any incumbents will be a memory. Other than that, our future looks bright!

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4 thoughts on “Election Day: 11 a.m.

  1. meg

    I know no one really cares about the judges, but to call the decision to recommend non-retention of Estelle and act of the “liberal judicial council” is untrue. This vote was unanimous. The three public members on the counsel are very conservative politically appointed Republicans. Kathleen Tompkins-Miller is that Joe Miller’s wife. Dave Parker, who is a retired cop, minister and Republican activist also voted. Finally, Ken Kreitzer was appointed by Parnell and is a Republican political insider. His wife is former director of Department of Administration and delegate to the Republican National Convention Annette Kreitzer. He also held a political job as legislative liaison for the Department of Corrections. It’s your choice to vote for Estelle, but doing so because you believe liberals orchestrated this vote is wrong. He filed 16 sworn affidavits saying he had no cases under advisement. He got paid for over a year when he was not entitled to get paid. This is not a liberal or conservative issue.

  2. Tom Bodett


    Before this day goes completely sideways and some ridiculous election day drama ensues (and my prediction is that it will in either the governor or senate races), I just want to tell you as a simple every day guy from Alaska, I have truly enjoyed all of your coverage and your journalism. You are a true professional and a credit to your craft. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and for this site and I can’t wait for the day when I can say “I knew her when” in reference to this site as I see it becoming the pinnacle of professionalism and journalistic integrity. All the best and thank you.

    Tom Bodett

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