Election Day: 3:45 p.m.

Anything can happen, but the things appear to be looking good for GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan according to a Republican Party source. The big worry was Sen. Mark Begich’s vaunted ground game, particularly in rural Alaska, which, among other things, involves getting voters to the polls early. However, when they crunched the numbers, they found rural Alaska was actually under-performing by about 3 percent compared to the rest of the state when it came to early and absentee voting.

I was going to resist the Stubbs meme until I saw this:


Some government worker somewhere was covetous of all of Charisse Millett’s “Ts” and apparently decided to redistribute it to those who were less needy:


A reader pushes back against Judy Eledge’s charge about the “liberal judicial council:”

I know no one really cares about the judges, but to call the decision to recommend non-retention of Estelle and act of the “liberal judicial council” is untrue. This vote was unanimous. The three public members on the counsel are very conservative politically appointed Republicans. Kathleen Tompkins-Miller is that Joe Miller’s wife. Dave Parker, who is a retired cop, minister and Republican activist also voted. Finally, Ken Kreitzer was appointed by Parnell and is a Republican political insider. His wife is former director of Department of Administration and delegate to the Republican National Convention Annette Kreitzer. He also held a political job as legislative liaison for the Department of Corrections. It’s your choice to vote for Estelle, but doing so because you believe liberals orchestrated this vote is wrong. He filed 16 sworn affidavits saying he had no cases under advisement. He got paid for over a year when he was not entitled to get paid. This is not a liberal or conservative issue.

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    Well, having met Stubbs, Sullivan, and Begich, I’d have to go with Stubbs. Stubbs has lived in Alaska about 14 years longer than Sullivan.

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