Fagan, Biegel and me

I’m joining Dan Fagan and Glen Biegel on their show Friday 8 a.m. to talk politics and makeup, if they’re lucky. Tune in at 95.5 FM, and 1080 AM in Anchorage and 92.5 FM and 1020 AM in the Valley. Or listen on line here


4 thoughts on “Fagan, Biegel and me

  1. Alaska Patriot

    Looking forward to the show. I have become a huge fan of your political reporting and feel that your perspective, albeit sommetimes biased, is fair and substantiated. Your posts and commentary are worth reading. As far as I am concerned, you are the best political commentator in the state and your blog is the best source for solid political news.
    Give those good old boys the dickens this morning!

  2. Anonymous

    Amanda, I listened to your last appearance. I would have liked to have heard you speak; however, that didn’t seem possible when Mr. Fagan kept interrupting you and demanding to focus the conversation to support his viewpoint which is based mostly on platitudes and generalizations.
    I seldom listen to his new show which is more a sermon than a discussion of issues. Upon his return Mr. Fagan seems to have now lost all objectivity and has now become simply a cultural apologist for Republicans in general and the Parnell administration in particular. I remember before he left the state when Mr. Fagan seemed to be incensed with the current Governor over such issues as wasteful Crime Lab spending and the creation of a state job for a sitting legislator which clearly violated the State Constitution.
    I will listen for a bit to see if you can at least get a word in edgewise.

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