Fish and Wildlife calls Izembek bird hunting ‘spectacular’ but won’t allow road that might harm them

Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s staff is highlighting the irony in a U.S. Fish and Wildlife profile of Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. Among other things, the profile says that Izembek’s hunting opportunities are “world famous.”

“Fall waterfowl hunting is spectacular,” in Izembek, the agency says.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is within the Interior Department, which recently denied citizens in the region a potentially life-saving, 11-mile gavel road connecting two villages which would go through the refuge. Among other things, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell cited concern for waterfowl in denying the road.

Murkowski staffer Robert Dillon said that this is just another example of Interior’s flawed logic. “We can’t build an 11-mile, one-lane, gravel road because it might disturb some birds – but if you want to go out and shoot them, by all means, it’s ‘spectacular,’” he said.

Murkowski has taken the lead in the fight to push the Interior Department to approve the road, has vowed to continue to do so.

“In addition to my role as mediator, and ambassador, and all that, I can also be a hell-raiser. And I am going to be a hell-raiser on this. I am going to channel my inner Ted Stevens, and we are going to get this road,” she told the state Legislature in an annual address last month.

She also suggested that the citizens in the area engage in civil disobedience to protest the denial of the road.

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6 thoughts on “Fish and Wildlife calls Izembek bird hunting ‘spectacular’ but won’t allow road that might harm them

  1. Lynn Willis

    Credit to Senator Murkowski for pointing out this hyprocrisy but neither her or Begich are going to overturn the Isembek decision especially when our Governor has gone out of his way to antagonize the President. Don’t credit or blame either Alaska Senator for much and don’t expect the election of any of the current candidates for U.S. Senate to mean anything significant for Alaska. Alaska’s U.S. Senators are but two of one hundred. Perhaps we had clout after Ted Stevens finally climbed the ladder of seniority and when his generous earmarks were allowed; however, now we don’t register on the national radar period.
    The situation in the House of Representatives is worse for Alaska. Each U.S. Representative represents about 700,000 Americans which happens to be the population of Memphis Tennessee. Any big issues in Memphis making the national spotlight? Same can be said for Alaska .

  2. Luke

    Mr Abney : can you explain why your boy Sen. Begich, who votes with the President 97% of the time, has so little influence that he cann get something as small as the King Cove road accomplished? Inquiring minds, that aren’t overwhelmed, want to know.

  3. Samuel Abney

    I’ve been overwhelmed to see the uniform indignation and protest expressed by the entire Alaska Congressional Delegation regarding the King Cove Road. BOTH our Senators have had dynamic response to this issue. We truly do have the best down there.

  4. Luke

    Congrats to Lisa Murkowski’s staff fot pointing out the irony on this critical issue. People are going to die because the Obama adminiistration’s allegiance to the environmental community. I continue to be disappointed in Mark Begich’s pathetic excuses and lies. Mark needs to know that Alaskans aren’t stupid and that he can’t have it both ways. He can’t support the President 97% of the time and then hope that Alaskans will support him. Bottom line is that Obama is anti- Alaska and Begich’s strong support of him makes him anti-Alaskan too. When you spend 5 years being a lap dog for Oband Reid, you have to know that Alaskans are going to turn away from you.

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