GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s new ad

Here’s the most recent ad for U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan, which began running statewide on cable on Friday. So far, Sulivan’s ads have been fairly one dimensional. But this one has multiple messages. It attempts to undercut Begich’s attacks against him, and it makes the argument that the only reason he’s being attacked in the first place is because he’s the strongest GOP contender in the field.


11 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s new ad

  1. Milton Friedman

    If you actually read the article instead off scrolling straight down to the graph, you would have seen this little tidbit:

    “The data for Alaska is based on only 452 respondents. The state is sparsely populated, and Internet penetration is surely lower than elsewhere in the country, making Internet-based polling challenging.”

    Hardly evidence that “Mead is the only candidate that can beat Sullivan.” If anything this is an opinion piece regarding methodology for internet based polling, which is where this poll comes from. I understand you have marching orders and desperately need to spin the message, but this is a far cry from the evidence you are seeking.

  2. Cole

    Actually the actual evidence suggests that Mead is the only candidate who can beat Begich. This new poll has Sullivan 12 points back of Begich in a theoretical general and Treadwell only 2. Begich has chosen to label Sullivan as his closest competition because he wants to run against him! THAT’S why he is pretending the primary isn’t happening and continuing to give Sullivan more name recognition.

    here’s the poll:

  3. Mae

    lighten up…. Alaskan’s can’t help it if L48 Dan has more ties to Ohio and Maryland than Alaska.

  4. John Smith

    Just an FYI to anyone reading the comments, the poster calling herself “Mae” is a xenophobic racist and should not be taken seriously.

  5. Garand Fellow

    If the best Democrats can do to fight this US Marine is talk about a dispute between a paint company and the federal government then no wonder the huge Begich team (alleged to have 60 paid staffers in Alaska – most located here just for this 2014 campaign) is worried. Alaskans are tired of Michael Bloomberg, Harry Reid, Barack Hussein Obama, and yes, even George Soros telling us what we are supposed to think about Alaska and our way of life. I am actually sympathetic that Mark Begich has been ensnared by the potlickers but he has proven to be no replacement for Ted Stevens.

  6. John Smith

    So what you are trying to insinuate is that man who has no position with the company, has never had a position with a company, has never managed any part of the company, but whose brother runs the company, is somehow responsible for mismanagement of a contract that caused the company to pay a very hefty fine to the federal government?

    Sounds legit.

    From the USNEWS article itself: “While Democrats could certainly attempt to link Sullivan to the company’s legal troubles, there’s no evidence the candidate himself had anything to do with the company’s operations.”

    But by all means, let’s go ahead and try to tether political opponents to operations that they had nothing to do with in order to create the appearance of malfeasance. That seems smart.

  7. Mae

    Hey L48 Dan, tell us, why did your family’s company, IN OHIO, had to pay a 65 MILLION dollar fine?

    Oh thats right, it was for ripping off the federal government. In more ways than one.

    So L48 Dan is involved in a company that lined it pockets with tax payer money wrongfully and got fined for it. And that same company has dozens of its employees donating to L48 Dan’s campaign. Was the company hoping to get more government money to conduct more wrongful business? And not get fined the next time around?
    So who will L48 Dan represent? His family’s Ohio business interests or Alaskans or just general citizens of the United States? Well I know it won’t be subsistence users in Alaska.

    And L48 Dan is no Uncle Ted. THAT I do know.

    What the heck is wrong L48 Dan, can’t stand on your own two “Alaskan” feet? You have to drop names and pretend like you care for all things Alaskan?

    Now L48 Dan is playing victim. He claims to be getting beat up by Begich. Poor L48 Dan. Maybe you can go back to your Ohio paint company and ask the employees for more money. Maybe that will help. Heavens knows those employees don’t like to see their workplace be charged 65 million bucks for overcharging the federal government for contract work. And maybe, just maybe, a little donation to your “Alaskan” campaign will help avoid anymore findings against the federal government. Maybe, who knows what transpires down in Ohio or in the living room of your Maryland home.

  8. Tim N.

    This is a great ad. Begich is afraid of Dan. He wants to run against Treadwell or Miller. Sorry Begich, Alaskans aren’t that dumb. They doont like all the sleaze, negatives and innuendo that you and the Republican Begich (Treadwell) throw around.
    After it was pointed out – – Begich and Treadwell are very much alike – – they both will lie and say anything to get a vote. Can’t wait to get rid of Mead in the primary and Mark in the general.

  9. Garand Fellow

    This is a great and timely ad. I may have seen Harry Reid going door to door for Joe Miller over in Hoonah. And Mark Begich has actually released some material directed at giving Mead Treadwell gravitas. The Harry and Mark team don’t want to face Afghan Dan. I wonder how often Harry reports in to Bad Luck Barack.

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