GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller’s campaign appears to be gearing up

In the U.S. Senate race so far, GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller has been relatively quiet and has not appeared to be actively fundraising. That looks like it’s changing. A fundraising email that he sent out today indicates that his campaign is gearing up.

“I can also assure you my opponents will never stand up and be counted in these tough battles. Commissioner Dan Sullivan is Karl Rove’s man in the race, a dubious distinction Sullivan publicly embraced over the weekend,” he wrote.

It’s unclear what Sullivan did over the weekend that would indicate that he embraced Karl Rove, who has not endorsed yet in the race. It is clear, however, that Sullivan is the target of Miller, the other GOP candidate Mead Treadwell, and Sen. Mark Begich.

Miller goes on to list Sullivan’s donors, including former head of the World Bank, the former chairman of the Board of the New York Federal Reserve, and the former chief of staff to President George W. Bush, among other lobbyists and financial executives.

In more Miller news: He was endorsed by the National Association for Gun Rights PAC on Tuesday. The NAGR is a gun rights group like the NRA, but much more rigid, more political, and less compromising than that NRA. The PAC is also a relatively small one compared to the NRA, which hasn’t yet endorsed in the race.

As of Dec. 31, the NAGR PAC had $172,161 on hand and had contributed $37,000 so far in 2014. In comparison, the NRA’s PAC had more than $12 million cash on hand at the end of January, and has contributed $246,750 to candidates so far this year.

NAGR is, however, powerful and is credited for helping to pass gun laws in state Legislatures across the country.

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11 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller’s campaign appears to be gearing up

  1. Joseph

    I know Scott Sullivan’s staff is the one who comments on these type of things, but I like how hard their workin. If they’re planting comments like this all of the time, it shows me they really care about Alaska, even if Scott and his staff aren’t really “from here” I think they’re doing a great job.

  2. Brad

    If shooting out an email means Miller is “gearing up”, then hell, I’m gearing up my run for President.

  3. Michelle

    Miller is a bitter person. His campaign has lost the enthusiasm it had in the past. Republicans were unhappy with Morkowski. This is a different dynamic.

  4. Garand Fellow

    At least for me, and I follow this race closely, Sullivan has the fundamental values that attracted me to Miller 4 years ago but Sullivan is intelligent and seasoned, which Joe was not of course. So I believe Sullivan is the right person to send to the U.S. Senate. Sullivan will not embarrass us as Begich and Young do, and he won’t turn on us as Young sometimes does. He is a fiscal conservative, and we need at least one of those right now. We all need to pull together to beat Begich and thereby push back against Obama!

  5. GOP49.2

    There are two good Republicans vyiing for the GOP senate nomination. Now unfortunately, Miller is criticizing Sullivan. I will cast my vote for the one who least criticizes the other. What I hate about Begich and Treadwell is that they are both scumbags that practice the politics of cheap lies, negatives and destruction.

  6. Alaskan political observer

    Joe Miller is attacking Sullivan. Begich is attacking Sullivan. And Treadwell is attacking Sullivan. With everyone attacking Sullivan, I thinlk there is one thing that the candidates can all agree on: Dan Sullivan is emerging as the front runner in the Alaska US Senate seat. It appears that the general election will be a contest between Sullovan and Begich. My money is on Sullivan.

  7. 357

    I voted for Joe Miller before. He’s a good guy with strong values. I’d like to see him in office; however, Miller cannot win a general election. Because of this, as difficult as it is, I am not going to throw my vote away. And allow Begich to get 6 more years. Sorry Joe. Wish things were different.

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