GOP Senate candidate Treadwell responds to GOP ‘addicted to Koch’ campaign

UPDATED: As promised, below is a comment from GOP Senate candidate Mead Treadwell’s campaign on the new Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee campaign, “GOP addicted to Koch.” The campaign is drawing attention to the fact that the Koch brothers recently closed an Alaska refinery because of costs while spending $600,000 so far on ads attacking Sen. Mark Begich. The refinery was a mainstay in Interior Alaska’s economy, and took with it at least 80 jobs.

The DSCC is pressing the Senate GOP challengers for a response. Dan Sullivan’s campaign has declined comment. No word yet from Joe Miller. Treadwell’s campaign pointed out that Begich seemed cavalier about the closure when it was announced. Further, Begich’s Great Land PAC took $5000 from the Koch brothers in 2010.  Here’s what his spokesperson had to say:

“Yet again Mark Begich is showing Alaskans they cannot trust what he says. In 2010, his Great Land PAC took a $5,000 donation from Koch Industries. Not only does Begich take Koch money, Begich simply dismissed the news of the Flint Hills Refinery closing as ‘ the private sector making a decision.’ From Obamacare to hypocritical attacks to failed campaign promises, it is clear that Alaskans cannot trust Mark Begich.” Fred Brown, campaign spokesman.



13 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate Treadwell responds to GOP ‘addicted to Koch’ campaign

  1. Mae

    Fred Brown opens mouth.
    Everybody is thankful he isn’t from Alaska.
    He knows so little of Alaskans.
    Sorta like L48 Sullivan.

  2. Miller Time In Haines

    I find the Democrats commitment to helping Begich very interesting. They must believe that they can keep this seat. I also found it very interesting that according to some of the comments posted that Parnell’s cabinet members seem to be supporting their former colleague Dan Sullivan over their other colleague Mead Treadwell. That probably says a lot and is demonstrative why Treadwell’s campaign hasn’t gotten any traction. I’ve thought of hom as a light weight. Evidently, his colleagues do too. Just don’t have a sense who will win the senate race. Going to be a loooong campaign season.

  3. So this is happening now

    Looks like the Sullivan Team has some time on their hands while their unemployed boss is back in Ohio…

  4. Lynn Willis

    Acting as it your you are ‘shocked’ that political influence is being purchased in Alaska is not unlike the feigned indignation of Captain Renault (Claude Rains) toward Rick (Humphrey Bogart) in “Casablanca”.

    The critical issue for those folks at North Pole that may be very subject to political influence is will the State of Alaska allow those responsible for the decades old contamination to walk away from significant cleanup responsibility by simply increasing the allowable Sulfolane concentration in groundwater from 14 ppb to 362 ppb.

  5. soothsayer

    Who cares? Of course Mead is a twit and anyone who knows him knows this. Sullivan has little ability to really connect with voters and is a bit uppitty. Miller sees too many black helicopters coming over the Chugach mountains. All this tells me, Koch brothers or not, that Begich will be re-elected.

  6. WTF

    Amanda, why don’t you write something relevant about Treadwell? Or maybe I’m right, there isn’t anything relevant to write about. You could mention his lackluster fundraising, you could mention that he was listed as “one of the 10 biggest losers of 2013” in the Rothenberg Political Report, or all the out+of+state little prep school boys that are here working in his campaign or even his “big thought” on Iceland and what he would do as the Ambassador to the Arctic. All of these things would be way more relevant. The people who know Mead best aren’t even supporting him. A review of the FEC reports show that most members of the Parnell cabinet, which he is part of, gave money to Sullivan as did the governor’s COS. Many of Mead’s early financial supporters have since joined the Sullivan camp. Right now, I think it is fairly safe to say that Mead will finish in 3rd pbehind Sullivan and Miller. The other comment about the Treadwell campaign whining is so perfectly descriptive. He tears others dopwn because he has no record of accomplishments of his own.

  7. Tommy G.

    First off, a smart campaign wouldn’t be coaxed into responding to such a sophomoric ploy. Then again, I never hear anyone say or insinuate that Mead’s campaign was. This isn’t a response, its a typical whine that you hear from his campaign. Rarely does the Treadwell campaign open their mouths that it isn’t a meaningless criticism of one of his opponents. As a long time Republican who can remember Mead when he was left of center, I find his new found image as a conservative the past 4 years as both laughable and reprehensible. In essence, the guy will say or do anything that he thinks currys favor with the group he is in front of. There are already too many politicians that do that. Mark Begich does just. In fact, one of the best descriptions I have ever heard of Treadwell was that he is nothing more than a Republican Mark Begich. Given the little amount of public support Treadwell’s campaign has mustered, its evident that the electorate sees him this way too. I want to see a candidate that has the courage to be themselves and are able to attract real broad base support. I don’t think we’ll be hearing much about Mead the moaner after the primary. If we do, I hope you can say Mark Begich for 6 more years.

  8. Samuel Abney

    Yeah. OK. Suppose Begich did take that. His $5,000 compared to what the GOP has taken? Who’s deceiving who?

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