Group makes media buy in Alaska to draft Sarah Palin for U.S. Senate

palinAccording to an FEC filing made on Wednesday, a group called the Tea Party Leadership Fund is spending $10,000 on a radio buy in Alaska opposing U.S. Sen. Mark Begich and urging Sarah Palin to run for his seat. Washington D.C. lawyer Dan Backer is the treasurer of the group, which as of February has raised $3.8 million this election cycle.

Backer is also one of the lawyers behind the most recent Supreme Court decision to strike down a slate of campaign finance restrictions.

According to Mother Jones, Backer’s group has already blasted out an email headlined “Palin for Senate” to supporters. “Sarah’s the proven leader we need,” it says. “She has a better grasp on world politics, and she knows what it means to cherish and protect our American freedoms far better than THE MAN WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE LEADING THE FREE WORLD.” The email asked people to sign a petition, urging her to jump in the race.

Backer told Mother Jones that 100,000 people had signed it.

Palin has indicated in the past that she is considering a run for Senate, which most Alaskans, including this one, didn’t take seriously. Begich, however, has used it in fundraising pleas. It must work because until recently, he had continued to do so.

This media buy will likely provide his campaign with fresh fundraising fodder.

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3 thoughts on “Group makes media buy in Alaska to draft Sarah Palin for U.S. Senate

  1. Garand Fellow

    Dan Sullivan can win if he soon has boots on the ground in every town and city. Begich is not a good elected official; his performance as mayor and as senator will drag him down.

    Palin won’t run. Begich can wish it so but it won’t happen. And Mother Jones is not a reliable source of news. On her very worst day Palin is not nearly as nutty as Mother Jones.

  2. Bert

    Here we go again! The Wasilla Hillbillies and all their drama are being urged to run for the senate. Palin is an evil right wing nut. Let’s all hope she’s not crazy enough to run.

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