Group questions fate of Assembly if Mayor Dan wins lt. governor’s race

United for Liberty-Alaska, a group run by Alaska Libertarian Party chair Michael Chambers, sent out the following “action alert,” in response to the Tuesday Anchorage Assembly elections:

We do not know the final results of the recent election completely but based on preliminary results, the left and unions will have control of the Assembly. Given this scenario, if Republicans vote to send Mayor Dan Sullivan to Juneau as Lt. Governor, Anchorage will experience Dick Traini as the interim Mayor!! We will have an Assembly dominated by the left and Dick Traini with his hands on the reigns. The consequence of 20% voter participation.

Sullivan is running for lieutenant governor against Alaska state Sen. Lesil McGuire.

The real win for unions would be if, after absentee ballots are counted, Pete Petersen’s 336 vote lead holds over incumbent Assemblyman Adam Trombley.


6 thoughts on “Group questions fate of Assembly if Mayor Dan wins lt. governor’s race

  1. Mayor Dan

    Anonymous bloggers spewing venom – must be hard to live with such misguided anger. Try meditation!

  2. Anonymous

    Actually Bartender/Mayor Dan, why would I to go to your swearing in? You may be our Bartender/Mayor, but you ain’t that great.

    I know this is off topic, but golly, sorry you have to go to Hawaii to play tennis and get a tan at the same time. Will the 7 MILLION dollar tennis court, you’ve got planned for your neiborhood, include tanning beds? I’m sure you think that would be best use of public funds. Put some tanning beds next to that tennis court!

    Please Bartender/Mayor Dan, get one of your attorney friends to look over your life insurance policy. Wouldn’t want another Sully Sprout doing a repeat and claiming some money ~20 years after you’ve died. That would be a weird historical family fleecing event.

    Remember Bartender/Mayor Dan, we all await a listing of accomplishments while serving as mayor. And many Anchorites understand it may take a while to figure one or two out.

  3. Mayor Dan

    Let’s wait and see how the Assembly organizes before jumping to too many conclusions. If there is an acting mayor, that will leave a likely leave a 5-5 split among the remaining members so it is unlikely that there will be major changes. As for being at a family reunion and taking the oath via video conferencing in 2012, I’m sorry Mae missed out on the event – there were only five people in attendance when I took the oath in 2009 at the clerk’s office – I don’t recall Mae being one of them. Something tells me that if former Mayor Begich had been similarly sworn in, Mae would be praising his use of modern technology.

  4. John

    It’s a bit of a mismatch for ideological finger pointing. Traini’s a Republican; he ran for the state legislature in 2012 as a Republican. Don Young is a Republican who stands up for labor too. Is he also part of the haunting spectre of the left in Alaska politics?

  5. Mae

    Unless he is serving them, the drinks are stronger in Juneau.

    Remember this is the guy who choose to stay on vacation instead of come back to take his oath of office.

  6. Rollins

    This is where the mayor’s mettle will be tested. Does he care about his ego and personal political gain or the city he claims to love and asked voters to allow him to preside over? This is the question.
    Pointedly, the Lite Governor doesn’t really do anything. It’s a do nothing job with a decent paycheck that may prop you up for more important statewide office; however, if he cares abouut the city, he’ll stay to protect it and not give it away to the unions. The mayor’s stewardship of Anchorage is far more important than passing out notary commissions. Let’s all hope the mayor agrees.

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