4 thoughts on “Groups supporting Sullivan and Begich go after women vote

  1. Judy Thompson

    Careful Mae. Your husband might commit you for hysteria. You don’t need to get yourself all worked up over menfolk topics. Those pesky facts are scary. Just ask a man who to vote for on November 4th and let that be your guide on whose name bubble to fill in.

  2. Mae

    Give me a break… Is that all the anti Begich ads have, is voting with Obama?

    Broken record.

    L48 Dan, if elected, will give ME, YOUR potential BOSS, the right to pick and choose YOUR economical form of birth control… hehehe…
    I’m hoping the medical insurance company has a multipal choice option (with costs detailed) for ME to choose, so I can decide how much it will cost any female, under my supervision, to remain on birth control.
    Are you kidding me?
    As a employer, I’ll get to choose what goes on in your uterus!

    What about all the sperm my potential employees may or may not have? What, L48 Dan doesn’t want me having control over that?


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