Groups target Senate candidate Dan Sullivan

Groups supporting Sen. Mark Begich were busy on Tuesday attacking the GOP candidate Dan Sullivan, who is the GOP fundraising front-runner, and appears to be the candidate to target. On Tuesday, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sent out a video of Sullivan walking down the street in D.C., talking to Republican strategist Mike Dubke. According to Sullivan’s campaign, he was simply in route to a breakfast meeting of the Ripon Society, a Republican group that promotes Republican principles.

Later on Tuesday, the Alaska based super-PAC Put Alaska First, which supports Begich, released its first attack ad against Sullivan. Jim Lottsfeldt, who is running the super-PAC, said it’s a $49,000 ad buy and is running throughout the state.

The ad targets Sullivan’s residency in Alaska, and makes much of his time away from the state. Sullivan’s campaign fired back, saying that the ad is proof that Democrats and Begich don’t value national service. “During the time in question, Dan left Alaska to serve our country in the War on Terror in the White House, in the U.S. Marine Corps, and as a U.S. Assistant Secretary of State under Condoleezza Rice,”  Mike Anderson, Sullivan’s campaign spokesperson said in a statement.

Read the full statement here:

This new ad paid for by Michael Bloomberg and Begich-Obama’s special interest friends proves two things:  One, the Democrats fear Dan Sullivan most of all, and Two, Mark Begich and his cronies do not value national service.  During the time in question, Dan left Alaska to serve our country in the War on Terror in the White House, in the U.S. Marine Corps, and as a U.S. Assistant Secretary of State under Condoleezza Rice.  Dan then returned to Alaska to faithfully serve Alaska as our Attorney General and as the Commissioner of Natural Resources.  Now is the time to put a warrior for Alaska back in the Senate.

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12 thoughts on “Groups target Senate candidate Dan Sullivan

  1. Brad

    You brought up weather. I was thinking that candidates are focused on fundraising right now so they can afford to travel off the road system, village to village. According to Sullivan’s Facebook page, he was in Barrow on January 17th. Now you can relax.

  2. AlaskaCodPiece

    Ha! Is “warrior” DNR Dan such a woos that he can’t travel the state until the weather is less harsh and unpredictable? That says a lot …

    I am eager for him to visit anywhere off the road system.

    And no crap for ‘disparaging our military’ with the warrior comment – my father served in two wars and I did Viet Nam.

  3. Brad

    I’ve noticed that you keep repeating that Sullivan hasn’t been to rural AK since he launched his campaign in October. I bet that when spring and summer come around, he’ll be visiting as many towns and villages as he can just like the other candidates. What town/village are you so eager for him to visit?

  4. AlaskaCodPiece

    “…Dan left Alaska to serve our country in the War on Terror in the White House,…”
    Boy, you got that right!

    I admire DNR Dan’s service, but that doesn’t mean it is a given that he would be a good senator for Alaska. Especially when he has yet to visit three quarters of the State he wants to represent.

  5. VFW Proud

    These liberal Democrats disgust me. Most of them have never served their nation. This attack by Begich and his squirrels is reprehensible.

  6. Brandon

    So the Dems are attacking Sullivan for walking down the street in DC talking to a Republican strategist? I did a quick inquiry with Google and couldn’t find anything all that nefarious about Dubke??? Who is he and why do we care if Sullivan is seen with him?

  7. Brad

    Begich is attacking a man for serving his country at the request of the President and Commander in Chief. I agree with Gunnar, it’s time for vets to support one of their own, Dan Sullivan.

  8. Harry

    Who would have thought that a guy who has never run for political office before has emerged in less than 6 months to be the candidate that is most feared by Begich, Reid and Obama. Looks like Mead Treadwell has become little more than a foot note in the history of this campaign already. Joe Miller has a certain appeal and charm but can’t win a general election. The Democrats must be scared to death attacking Sullivan at this juncture of the campaign. Sullivan does have a good resume that includes a solid record of serving our country. He was also a Marine. Such a petty attack isn’t going to make a difference. It does show that Begich is afraid of Sullivan. He probably should be. Alaskans don’t care where people are from or how long they’ve lived here. What matters to Alaskans is a person’s character. Dan Sullivan has a whole bunch of that.

  9. Gunner

    This ad has helped me make up my mind on the senate race. Actually, I wasn’t planning on making a decision and wanted to wait and listen to the candidates’ positions and see them debate. Not any longer though because this ad is low, really low. Criticizing a veteran for where their family lives while serving their country is lower than I have ever seen a politician go. No one will ever saluyte Mark Begich. Dan Sullivan gets my vote. The fact that he is a Marine officer soeaks more to his integrity than anything that liberal jackass Begich could even understand. I would always prefer to support a veteran. Begich is a phoney baloney who pretends to support the vet. He isn’t our friend. I would urge all vets to vote for one of our own and that is Dan Sullivan.

  10. VN Vet

    Begich and hus liberal friends just broke the camels back with me. Begich has no respect for veterans and has never served in the military. Now he and his supporters are kicking Dan Sullivan for some bullshit silliness that speaks legions about how Begich and his cronies feel about serving their country. Screw you Mark Begich. I will never support anyone who treats a veteran this way. Dan Sullivan served his country. He is a Marine officer. He is twice the man you are. With any luck, he’ll be our next senator too. This ad is reprehesible and disgusting – – just like our jr senator Markie Begich.

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