Alaska inaugural speeches past and present

On Monday at 11:30 a.m., Gov.-elect Bill Walker and Lt. Gov.-elect Byron Mallott will be sworn in and by noon, it’ll be official. After the swearing in, both Walker and Mallott will be giving 10-15 minute addresses, which is unusual. Normally, the lt. gov. is on stage, but doesn’t speak. (Fun factoid: it’s also the first time in history that both the governor and lt. governor will have been Alaska-born.)

As of Sunday night, both of their speeches were still being worked on. However, the term “speech” might be overstating things. Don’t expect a lot of formality from either of them. Both tend to be extemporaneous, off-the-cuff speakers, which has served them well on the trail. But such casual speeches seldom lend themselves to further study or go down in the history books. Mallott, much more than Walker, can get poetic when he speaks, but neither will likely start off like this, as Wally Hickel did in his 1967 inaugural address:

This is a time when Alaska’s flag is high up the mast, the wind bellies out the sales, and the tide is with us. We sit at the top of a continent—at the headwaters of the Pacific—and our mooring lines are strained with the urge to break loose and sail into the future on another voyage of discovery.

What we do know is that Walker will spend some time introducing himself to the electorate, something the he wasn’t able to do much during the truncated campaign season. And we can also guess that “unity” will be the buzz word.

There’s a cake reception after the event, and a private party at the governor’s mansion for about 100, followed by a community reception from 4:30 to 6:00. Walker’s and Mallott’s family will be having dinner together after the receptions.

For those who cannot attend, live streaming will be available here, here, here and here .

For the inaugural junkie in you, here’s some videos of speeches from year’s past. (Apologies for the different formats.) Say what you will about her, Sarah Palin knew how to give a speech:

Alaskan Gubernatorial Inauguration

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6 thoughts on “Alaska inaugural speeches past and present

  1. AH HA

    Saying ‘that chick’ is pretty similar to ‘get a clue Dude’

    Don’t you think?

    Both fall dead center in the if this really bothers you, you might be a moron file…..

  2. AH HA

    Here is a sample from a previous Mallott political speech:

    “Very conservative ideologies scare the hell out of us, because of our circumstance,” Mallott said, emphasizing that he was speaking for himself and not all Alaska Natives. “Because of the range of issues that affect us …

    Byron has never explained exactly what “our circumstance” is.

  3. Dom P.

    Today is a day of celebration. Congratulations to Bill Walker and Byron Mallott. Alaska’s future is in your hands. History will be written on your efforts, their successes and failures. Govern the way you would want your great grandchildren to read about you someday.

  4. CPG49

    I was a Parnell supporter during the election cycle. That time is now behind us and my best hopes and wishes are extended to Bill Walker and Byron Mallott. With declining oil production and prices, governing will be difficult at times. I believe that Alaska can and will weather this storm. The quality of leadership shown by our new officials will dictate our future. Good lucks guys.
    Amanda, your retrospective on past inaugurals is both informative and interesting. You’re right, regardless of what else you may think or feel about Sarah Palin, that chick can hit a speech out of the ballpark.

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