Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.31

  • Pumpkins-PoliticsThe final debates for the state were held yesterday and they were full of pent-up anger, frustration, and passion; i.e. fireworks were a plenty. The Dispatch has an article about the  Senate and the Congressional debate. Or, you could simply enjoy the actual footage of the debate with KSKA. Be sure to have popcorn ready, some parts are that good.
  • Just in time for Halloween: If you were waiting for the ghost of Ted Stevens to make a presence in the Senate race, wait no more.
  • The latest APOC records came in with candidates’ 7 day and 24 hour reports. Money reveals so much about a campaign, even without considering Independent Expenditures.
  • Sabato’s Crystal Ball is now changing its stance on the gubernatorial race to “Toss-up” from “Leans Independent. “ To quote them, “an we be brutally frank? The governors’ races are really tough to call this year.” They are not the only ones. The Huffington Post also is predicting a Parnell win on Tuesday.

  • There has been so much discussion about Alaska and our sexual assault/domestic violence statistics over the years and especially during this political season. Talking is great, it brings awareness; but, the Juneau Empire was proud to announce that Verizon’s HopeLine has given a $3,000 grant to Aiding Women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies to help aid in coordinating safety checks for women in need. Actions sometimes do speak louder than words.
  • Alaska’s U.S. Senate race made its way onto PBS’s News Hour. Really and the clip is spectacular. (Ha!)
  • The Fairbanks News Miner has a piece about the Bush ground campaigns of both the Begich and the Sullivan campaign, particularly Petersburg. The town where the coffee is always hot and the fish always fresh.
  • Austin Baird tweeted a Google Map that details in Red, Blue and White flags all the places around Alaska that U.S. Senator Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan visited along the campaign trail. I wonder how their shoe soles look now? For the female campaign staffers, Gilt Tech believes their heels probably went from a 2.22-2.29” heel to a comfortable 2.04-2.07” heel. It’s all about utility.
  • A GOP held Senate is fully expected come January 2015, but take heart Progressive readers, Politico reveals that it could be short-lived.
  • The final Chamber of Commerce debate for Lt. Gov. was held in Juneau. According to the Juneau Empire’s article, it was an enjoyable event with light bantering and occasional PG rated jokes by the candidates. Nice.
  • It’s never a good thing to have your state referred to as Ground Zero for anything, maybe for Make-A-Wish Foundation activeness, but generally-it’s a bad. That was the label the Washington Times slapped on Alaska and Ballot Measure 2, the legalization of marijuana initiative. All the number crunchers and political wonks agree that for Alaska to go the way of Colorado and Washington that it relies on the 18-29 year olds to make their way to the polls.
  • The state has launched the Silver Alert Plan for Alaska as an extra tool in law enforcement and the general public’s toolbox to locate at-risk seniors if they become missing. The Fairbanks News Miner explains the criteria and how the news will be disseminated. You can also sign up for Silver Alerts by going to their website.
  • Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s $5,200 donation to Dan Sullivan’s campaign caught The Hill’s attention in their article about friendship with people that glitter.
  • The always-playful faux twitter page of Billy Walker has two memes that are good for a chuckle. One with a Parnell photoshopped head and another with Walker and his alleged penchant for candy.
  • Did you know that U.S. Senator Mark Begich had business interests in a Nevada resort? The FreeBeacon did and visited the six-acre business to uncover one of Begich’s most awesomely kept secrets. If he wins, will he invite Alaskans for a party ala Joe Bob’s Roadhouse?
  • Alexandra Gutierrez with APRN let it be known that 352 pages of emails subject lines regarding the National Guard log from the freshly released communications of public records are available.
  • The VECO scandal and subsequent convictions should have been a red flag of warning to all O&G lobbyists that they are probably being recorded every time they open their mouths. Apparently Richard Berman didn’t get the memo and the New York Times was very appreciative. Saying things like, “Think of this as an endless war” and “Win ugly or lose pretty” tend to be memorable, look good in print and rub people the wrong way all at once.
  • Santa Clause endorsed Mark Begich. Where the Great Pumpkin stands is unknown.

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11 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.31

  1. JJ

    A blue collar working man-wearing a “hardhat” with time to type on political blogs in the middle of the afternoon? Now THAT isn’t being very productive. Maybe try a different online identity-one closer to your real demographic, which must be ANCIENT because the term Mongoloid hasn’t been used in over 40 years.

  2. Tom Bodett

    Me? Denigrate? I didn’t write the article, I’m just reading it. Did you see the pictures? Better to stay in a Motel 6 than that place.

  3. Crude is Rude


    Yup Lynn, I agree… the past 5 years of obsessive compulsive deficit spending disorder is an indication of clueless leadership…

    The first steps to a diversified stable & sustainable Alaskan Economy is to quit trying to monopolize in order to monetize Alaska’s Hydrocarbons..
    ..worldwide there’s nearly as much methane as potable water.

    Alaska lost it’s chewing gum in the chicken coop when Texas invaded our state and began to dictate their philosophy (not science) of hydrocarbon management.

    The Parnellian Petrotheologists pucker when you ask them about the proper management of HELIUM in Alaska’s gas…
    ..they are clueless that there’s a nationwide Helium Shortage.
    Helium is required to operate medical MRI-imaging machines.
    I wonder if we looked at the cranial MRI’s of most TexAlaskans if we would find any brains ???

    In 1970-71 at UAF, I was one of the few who wanted to build a gasline from Deadhorse to Fairbanks BEFORE we built TAPS…….
    ..I was busy helping to build 200 houses in FNSB to provide enough housing for the TAPS construction circus.
    [ TAPS would have cost a couple billion more without our effort to build houses BEFORE the goofy pipeline ]

    For the past 40 years the overall thermodynamic efficiency of the TAPS petroleum system has been terrible, wasting 80-90% of the resource energy before it does actual work for the consumer markets.
    A big improvement would be to convert TAPS into a 42″ polymer-lined gasline.

    Alaskans are totally lost on the FACT that every carbon atom that has been pushed down TAPS in the form of CRUDE has been a lost opportunity for making best use of our resources.
    …Hydrogen makes the Difference !!
    Every carbon atom in TAPS should have been linked to at least 3.5 hydrogen atoms,
    and because of this lack of knowledge Alaska has lost nearly a trillion dollars of potential revenue since 1977.

    Hydrogen is +&- DC electricity in it’s rested-state..
    this is what makes hydrogen fuel-cells work.
    Electrochemistry is balanced on this axiom.

    google: siluria gasoline .. and you’ll see a major factor of why oil-prices have tanked this year…
    Saudi Aramco is going after nanocatylitic syngas in a major way after buying into Siluria’s technology.
    >>>> Alaska could do this too, I know this because I personally visited Siluria’s facilities last year in California….
    ….but, is Parnell/Fauske civilized enough to openly share this cornucopia equally among all Alaskans without trying to plagiarize and monopolize it for themselves first, like they have done with AKRR-LNG ?? [ stall it first, the hijack it like a stagecoach robbery ]

    If Alaskans fully understood the details of plasma-syngas technology we all would see that the biomass energy lost in the Funny River Wildfire exceeded the total nat-gas consumption of Anchorage for 3 years.

    WALKER/MALLOTT-2014…….. For a truly diversified strong sustainable Alaskan Economy

  4. Hardhat

    Yes, Republicans have been in charge in Alaska so the overspending decisions have been theirs. However, elected officials from both parties waste money until it’s gone, they just waste it on different things according to demands of constituents of each party. Republicans like roads, sewers, airports, bridges, dams and the like. Democrats shy away from those because they need to keep the greenies happy, so Democrats waste money by spending on people who refuse to work and on “education” for Mongoloid, autistic and other kids who will never be productive members of society. Is there any amount of money that would be enough to have the education lobby say they now have enough?

    Caught in the middle are trade union members who know darn well that it’s Republicans who bring us the family-wage jobs, but our union leaders always take our money to support the very Democrats who oppose the projects we need in order to keep supporting our families. On top of that, the Democrats want to take our guns away from us, and I suppose that is so that if we wise up we will not be able to rectify this situation.

    But for not having a diversified economy to replace petroleum I put that squarely at the Democrats’ feet. It was the Clinton spotted owl ruse that shut down the Alaska forest products industry even though Alaska has no spotted owls. It is greenie Democrats who fight every Alaska mine, hydro project, port project and bridge. Why don’t we try to bring bison habitat back to Buffalo, NY, and elk habitat back to Pittsburgh, PA?

    My family and I vote Republican. We are blue-collar, gun toting, union members who work hard. Harry Reid, Barack Hussein Obama and Mark Begich are no friends of working people. If anyone wants to seize our guns they are welcome to give taking them a try.

  5. Hairy Reed

    Good morning, Alaska! I’m not going to let Markie down. He’s been a loyal foot soldier for me and the Prez and we owe him. Sorry I can’t make it up there this weekend. I’m headed to Minnesota to watch the Redskins game, er, Washington game and that’s about all the winter I can handle. I know I said I won’t support the ‘Skins, but I can easily go incognito in the Twin Cities. But don’t worry, I’ll make my presence felt. I’ve funded my Put Alaska First PAC with $10 million and we have saved the most outrageous ads for last. Keep and eye out for them this weekend.

    P.S. Mark – Let’s meet up in Carson City on Wednesday. Don’t forget your trunks!

  6. Lynn Willis

    Associate Press Article: “Gas almost under three dollars nationwide”. Reuters reports; “Top US Oil companies see more pressure to clamp down on spending”.
    I wonder if that reduced spending includes not investing in the most expensive gas line project in history or maybe even less expenditure to recover oil which costs more to recover from aging or marginal fields?
    We are approaching the “event horizon” of a fiscal black hole and all we can depend upon is more oil and gas production since nobody wants to increase taxes or meaningfully cut spending.
    Do you appreciate why we, having an economy dependent on non-renewable resource extraction, might not have wanted to “eat our seed corn” by directly spending the revenue from those resources nor got ourselves into deficit spending over the last five years and perhaps ponder why perhaps we continue to fund duplicate gas line projects, dams for billions, and roads and bridges to re-election?

  7. Garand Fellow

    Quick! Someone put out a Silver Alert on Bill Walker and Byron Mallot. There is strong evidence that they were taken by the Alaska Democratic Party under false pretenses, but they might be anywhere. Union leaders and the Begich campaign are using those two old guys for their own dishonest purposes. Environmentalists, pro-abortion women and the education lobby have been coerced into silence and duplicity.

    While still unlikely, as more time goes by and those two old guys are off their medicine regimens for longer and longer a bad outcome for all Alaskans becomes more possible.

  8. Tom Bodett

    The Free Beacon Article is amazing. So, let me see if I have this right:

    1. Begich, like Harry Reid, is heavily invested in property in the state of Nevada. (Wow.)

    2. Begich lists his home address, when filing returns in the state of Nevada, as 142 F St. SE in Washington, D.C. (Double Wow)

    3. Begich gives with DC address to the FEC, even while criticizing Dan Sullivan for not being Alaskan enough. (You gotta be friggin kidding me)

    4. Begich has had to pay more than $5000 in penalties for not paying state taxes on time. (And he’s saying he is NOT a Washington politician?)

    5. Begich rented space for a bar that would stay open until 6am and was the site for numerous crimes, including assault, that the Sheriff and city council members became very concerned about. This happened for years. (yep, you’re tough on crime alright Mark, except when it happens on your own property)

    6. Apparently Begich is the slum lord of Reno based upon the pictures and descriptions of this “resort”.

    Now, please continue to tell me how Dan isn’t Alaskan and can’t be trusted Mark. I would love to see you make a hypocrite if yourself all over again.

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