Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 11.11

  • Division of Elections will begin counting its estimated 50K absentee and questioned ballots today. The division expects to get through less than half of the votes. It will update the tallies at the end of the day. As of right now, Dan Sullivan leads Sen. Mark Begich by about 8,100 votes and Bill Walker leads Gov. Sean Parnell by about 3,000 votes. The Fairbanks News Miner has a more detailed breakdown of they types of ballots and the collective assumptions of the ballot results.
  • The HuffingtonPost took at look at Latino voters and Nov. 4 election. Immigration was the main issue on their minds as they headed to the polls and while Democrats won the majority of those ballots being cast, President Obama’s empty immigration talk meant Republicans picked up a sizeable chunk because it is now abundantly clear this voting block is no longer happy with overtures-results are required for voter loyalty.
  • The Alaska Journal of Commerce announced that the BOEM has updated the Chukchi lease sale, though regulations still need to be met before drilling can occur making exploration in 2015 unlikely. That might have something to do with six environmental groups filing a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. to protect walruses from oil drilling off Alaska’s coast.
  • Red-state Democrats are finding themselves in a new position of power heading into 2015 as bipartisan leaders for Sen. Mitch McConnell or Sen. Harry Reid according to Politico.

  • Coincidentally perhaps, just in time for a third quarter conference call, the Alaska Dispatch wrote a glowing piece about ACS’s bright future. Unfortunately, the very same day, the financial newsletter The Street, downgraded the stock from “hold” to “sell.” The Dispatch’s article notes the state contract that the company recently received, which to investors at least, sounds pretty stable. It didn’t mention, however, that the contract was just one part—and the smallest part–of a larger state contract that went to other telecom companies. As of midday Tuesday, ACS’s stock was hovering at $1.35, down from a yearly high of $2.70.
  • Over at The Hill, much attention was directed at the future of healthcare. The architect of ObamaCare said during a recorded panel discussion that federal healthcare passed because the legislation lacked transparency and because of the “stupidity of the American voter.” Add to that is the fact that there are five new obstacles for ObamaCare, would might explain why HHS is expecting fewer sign-ups this open enrollment cycle.
  • The Tea Party is not only getting more established, but smarter in how they handle issues and to whom they back in elections. Case in point:  Joe Miller.  An operative told Slate, “OK, we learned our lesson,” explaining why conservative donors snubbed Miller. “He can say some crazy shit.”
  • The Hill believes that it is unlikely Pres. Obama’s Attorney General pick, Loretta Lynch, will be pushed through during the lame duck session. In other Loretta Lynch news, TalkingPointsMemo took BreitBart out to the woodshed over seriously sloppy journalism. BreitBart ran a piece few days ago about Loretta Lynch’s career and focused on the fact she was a member of Bill Clinton’s 1992 Whitewater defense team.  It heavily implied that her ties to the Clintons was the reason for her appointment.  Problem?  WRONG Loretta Lynch!
  • USA Today has highlighted the six Congressional races that are still undecided. Alaska’s Senate race is not only one of the six, but Dan Sullivan’s picture leads the story.  Good thing he wore a camera-ready tie.  That picture is the go-to for this race.
  • Alaska, meet the Salmon Cannon, or as John Oliver put it on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight this innovation proves, “We Can Do Great Things!” Agreed.

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3 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 11.11

  1. joe blow

    I expect Sean Parnell to go into the private sector. Mead Treadwell may run for Don Young’s seat, he would do a fine job there. You’re right, Joe Miller has gained back a lot of the public’s confidence but I wonder what his intentions are – primary Lisa? Beating her will be a very tall order.

  2. Garand Fellow

    My belief is that Joe Miller redeemed himself as a candidate this year; first by coming in second in the 3-way race, second by not saying anything stupid and in fact winning his debates, and third, by following through and helping Afghan Dan after the primary. If in fact Joe Miller sometimes said something crazy (and using nasty language destroys credibility in any event) he is no longer so inclined. I look for Joe Miller to run for office in 2 years, and if Governor Parnell is unable to pull ahead and win this ongoing race I expect Sean Parnell to also be a candidate for office in 2 years. I would not be surprised to see one run for our one seat in the US Congress and the other to run for the US Senate. Apparently only Republicans believe that Alaska primaries matter.

  3. Sig

    The ACS story in the AK Dispatch is simply an example of what seems to be dominating the paper since Alice Rogoff’s asquisition – – bad reporting and worst editing. Who would have thought the Daily News could ever be a lesser paper? For the McClatchey chain it was respectable for Rogoff to change the name at least. It simply sucks to use a technical term. Never a retraction, never an apology. Stupid and slanted reporting is the norm. Is this what we should expect? Will Rogoff commit to getting some quality leadership, management and an editor or will we be forced to live with this example of striving for mediocrity? Useless.

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