Updated: Dick Traini is not new chair of Assembly

Late Tuesday night, after nearly everyone had gone home, Assemblyman Bill Starr offered a motion to reorganize the Anchorage Assembly, and to install longtime Assemblyman Dick Traini as chair. An earlier version of the story said that Traini got a majority vote. That isn’t true. Turns out that nobody received a majority, which would have normally require a re-vote, but because the resultsĀ of the vote weren’t declared before adjournment, and because a motion wasn’t offered to extend the time, all of it appears to be void. Municipal clerk Amanda Moser said that as a result, things will stay as they are and Flynn will remain chair.


2 thoughts on “Updated: Dick Traini is not new chair of Assembly

  1. AH HA

    Nobody noticed this little piece of drama because everyone is trying to figure out if the next Anchorage Mayoral race will be between Mark Begich and Andrew Halcro and If that’s the way it works out, the voters of Anchorage can have my sympathies in advance.

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