Jeff Landfield starts campaign to draft Rebecca Logan to run for lt. governor

Jeff Landfield, the young, outspoken 2012 challenger to Alaska state Sen. Lesil McGuire, has begun an effort to draft his friend and fellow outspoken conservative, Rebecca Logan, to run for lieutenant governor against fellow Republicans McGuire and Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan.

Landfield began a “Draft Rebecca Logan for Lieutenant Governor ” Facebook page on Wednesday. As of Thursday evening, it had 34 “likes.” Landfield is doing this because he’s dissatisfied with the current choices for the number 2 spot on the Republican ticket. “The same people keep on being recycled in different offices,” he said. “She’s smart and hard working. She’s a catalyst for the bigger issue.”

Since he started the page, Landfield said that his phone is ringing off the hook.

Logan is the head of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, a pro-oil industry group. She’s also no stranger to Republican Party politics. In 2012, she was a member of the natural resources committee of the Republican Party, which, at the time, was in the hands of tea party activists. During a meeting of those activists, she brought a resolution to the floor to vote to withhold Republican Party funds to any member of what was then a bipartisan Senate coalition. Republican members included current senators McGuire, Kevin Meyer, Bert Stedman, and Gary Stevens.

Logan also voted on a resolution to censure certain officials of the Republican Party of Alaska, including outgoing chair Randy Ruedrich, former assistant treasurer Frank McQueary, and U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The censure for Murkowski was for joining “far left interest groups” and “maliciously attacking” Joe Miller.

Full disclosure: At the same meeting, Logan tried unsuccessfully to get fellow attendees to kick this reporter out of the room, calling me the “opposition.” After she did so, I mustered the courage to call her a name under my breath, which she heard. The name rhymes with snitch.

Former lawmaker Jerry Ward led the successful charge to allow me to stay and report the meeting.

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11 thoughts on “Jeff Landfield starts campaign to draft Rebecca Logan to run for lt. governor

  1. Richard O.

    Mayor Dan, the lovely Lesil and now the rebellious Rebeca. I am disappointed with the caliber of candidates for this office thus far. Mayor Dan has become increasingly arrogant, imperialistic and callous to the community. Lesil. When she is focused can do wonderful things and at other times prove to be very aloof and uninspiring. Rebeca’s views are on the right fringe and she seems full of anger. Where are the good candidates ? You know, the one’s that we could embrace with enthusiasm and pride. I wish that Charlie Hugggins would run. He’s a highly decorated veteran, a leader and a nice guy. He’d be a great candidate. So would former Lite Gov. Loren Leman who served in that office with distinction and honor. I would be pleased even with Craig Fleener dropping his independent bid and runnin as a Republican. Senator Anna Fairclough would be a great addition to the ticket as well. Or Representative Munoz from Juneau. I just think our party could do better and that we deserve better. God bless Alaska and the Unites States of America.

  2. Red voter

    Jeff and Rebecca. Now, that’s an august team. Seriously ?
    This dup harrdly represents the main stream of the GOP. I wish she would run for the drama and fun it would create.
    Hey, how about Rebecca for Governor and Jeff as her running mate ?

  3. Anonymous

    Rebecca is hardworking, honest, does what she says she will, and fights to the end for what she believes in. That’s a lot more than we can say for most of the people in office right now.

  4. RudeAlaskan

    Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh, because everyone wants the likes of Rebecca Logan and Jeff Landfield on their side! LOL. WINNING!

  5. Lincoln Team

    The GOP has a deep bench of potential candidates; however, you wouldn’t know it from the list of flawed candidates running for the #2 spot on the party’s ticket. Mayor Dan, Lesil and now Rebecca as individuals and as a group leave a lot to be desired. I hope someone like Charlie Huggins, Lance Pruitt, Mike Chenault, Loren Leman or John Coghill seek the job to run as Parnell’s running mate. Our party needs leaders we can be proud of. We have them. We just need to get them to run.

  6. Tom H.

    Niw here is a good story about two Alaskans who are not what you would call main stream types. Logan is so far to the right that it is unfortunate. This story is laughable if she thinks she has a prayer.

  7. Lynn Willis

    If the Republican party wants to drive to the extreme right that is the business of the party. This decision within the party should be made by party members and the decision process should not be aided by a dime of public funds.

    Why should the people of Alaska be forced to support the nomination process of any political party by paying for a primary election that excludes independent candidates? The primary process in Alaska is designed to give momentum to the campaigns of only the organized party candidates. The press will not pay any attention to the independents until after the primary (if at all). If we are going to have to pay for a primary then let everybody run, including the independents, and let the top two candidates, regardless of political affiliation, who receive the most votes proceed to the general election. If the Republicans or Democrats don’t like that, then let them withdraw from the state funded primary and use whatever method they choose to create, at party expense, a slate of candidates for the general election. The two party system is destroying the nation and this state – time to stop subsidizing the destruction.

  8. Birch stick

    You really shouldn’t waste your time “reporting” on something like this. Who cares? Surely something has happened in Juneau during the first few days??

  9. Nikki C.

    Rebecca is a far right wing zealot. For some, that’s a good thing. From my perspective not. She would be disruptive, difficult to deal with and an obstructionist to to progress. Parnell must be cringing at the thought.

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