Joe Miller’s fundraising is looking up–reports $101,000 in 1st quarter

GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller reported raising $101,000 in the first quarter of the year, which ran from January to March. It’s a significant increase from the $30,490 he raised in the last fundraising quarter. No loans have been made to the campaign, he says, and he has $300,000 cash on hand, much of which was rolled over from his 2010 run.

Miller will make an official campaign announcement on April 21.

Dan Sullivan, his primary challenger, reported raising $1.4 million in the quarter. Mead Treadwell has yet to release his numbers. Sen. Mark Begich raised a little more than a $1 million.

Unlike Sullivan, Miller is running a grassroots campaign. He’s meeting with small groups, mostly in Fairbanks, were he lives, and in the Valley, where his support is strong.

In a press release, Miller’s campaign reminds people that money doesn’t buy elections. “In the 2010 primary election, Miller won the Republican Party nomination against the incumbent senator with approximately $300,000,” the release says. “In mid-July of 2010, about a month from Election Day, the senator reported over $2 million on-hand to Miller’s $125,000.”

That incumbent senator is Lisa Murkowski, who lost to Miller in the primary, but won in the general in a write-in campaign.

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8 thoughts on “Joe Miller’s fundraising is looking up–reports $101,000 in 1st quarter

  1. Lysander

    Practically speaking, you sound like a Sullivan campaign insider. Broad brushes and name-calling are nearly as meaningless as the bogus conclusion you draw here. Ask Jay Ramras what it means to underestimate Mead Treadwell. Ramras was nearly measuring the LG’s office for new curtains in 2010 when Treadwell entered the race a few months before the election and trounced Ramras. You deride Treadwell as a RINO because he isn’t bound by some out-of-touch ideological rigidity and has the support of a lot of people of all political stripes. That broad support comes from being a bright, visionary guy with a deep understanding of this state and the abundant opportunity here. These are qualities lacking in far too many elected officials, just as they are lacking in Sullivan and Miller.

  2. Garand Fellow

    Joe Miller was a compelling candidate 4 years ago but he disappointed most of his base by being stupid during the summer of 2010. He surrounded himself with people who thought it was about them, so voters could never be sure if Joe thought it was all about him or instead about the Alaska voters. Joe’s inexperience was all too evident.

    Dan Sullivan won’t make those mistakes. Begich had a terrible record as mayor, and he is in lockstep with Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Biden. Those people want all of our money and our guns. It’s not difficult to guess why. If between now and November Sullivan can look 20,000 Alaskans in the eye and shake their hand he will comfortably beat Begich. This race is not about who can buy the most media.

  3. Sawmill

    Joe Miller doiesnt have the panache he did last time around. And, he couldn’t beat Murkowski then. If we’re ggoing to beat BegiCh, it isn’t with Miller.

  4. remmy

    Just wait until Joe becomes an announced candidate. Sullivan is going to get an ass kicking.

  5. 420Alaska

    Talking cash on hand, Begich is the clear front runner. He has criss-crossed the state and will win this election hands down. You’re right, Sullivan is the Republican leader with the best chance of beating Begich; however, his campaign organization has proven to be anything but well tuned and as a candidate he leaves a lot to be desired.

  6. Trish

    I agree with the comment that Joe Miller cannot be dismissed. He has to be looked at as a credible candidate. I suspect that he’ore cash on hand than Treadwell.
    Treadwell is a RINO (Republican In Name Only). His continuation in this race does one thing and one thing only: it helps insure that Begich will be reelected. Is Treadwell’s ego really that out of control? Well, it appears so.
    I hope that Sullivan wins the primary over Miller as he is the only Republican candidate that can beat Begich. Practically speaking, a vote for anyone but Dan Sullivan is the equivalent of a vote for Mark Begich.

  7. Ethan

    The U.S. Senate race in Alaska is garnering significant attention. Every aspect, every ad, every statement is being examined and analyzed. Most political observers have narrrowed the field to two candidates : Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan. Both appear to have strong bases of financial support and establishment support. Sullivan, as a first time candidate, has surprised many with his ability to attract support and campaign financing. Mead Treadwell, early on, was expected to be the Republican nominee; however, his campaign has fizzeled. He has failed at fund raising, his professional campaign staff have all left and are now engaged in campaigns in other states where their respective candidates at least have a chance. Treadwell will be a little more than a foot note if he foolishly stays in the race. The other Republican candidate, Joe Miller, should not be as quickly dismissed as Treadwell. While Treadwell has proven himself to be unable to connect with voters, Miller is a rabble-rouser that clearly has the moxie to build a populist-type conservative base. Anyone dismissive of Miller does not understand the Alaska electorate who has often times turned to. A candidate with a populist-type base. This race consists of 3 challengers : Begich, Sullivan, and yes, Miller.

  8. Brad

    My guess is that Treadwell will release his numbers at 5pm on Friday. We all know what that means.

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