Loose Lips: Bearup sets up. Reinbold’s revolving door. Politicking at the temple.

18955141_mChristopher Clark, the always helpful and gracious long-time Juneau fixture and top-notch staffer to Rep. Cathy Munoz is said to be retiring in October. Munoz has hired Crystal Koeneman to try to fill his big shoes. Most recently. Koeneman worked for Rep. Lora Reinbold. Before that, she worked for Commerce as the commissioner’s special assistant and legislative liaison. (Bumper sticker idea: Once a cushy state job in Alaska, always a cushy state job in Alaska.) Rumor has it that Koeneman has been rumored to be looking for a new job for some time. Reinbold’s not been great at keeping staff. Here’s hoping that Koeneman’s replacement, Dean Williams from Eagle River, stays around for a while. Williams served as the superintendent of the McLaughlin Youth Center and was an unsuccessful candidate for the Anchorage School Board.

I was traveling through the Kenai, Soldotna, Nikiski area earlier this week and saw lots and lots of No on #1 signs. The GOP Senate sign war in this area seems to be won by Joe Miller with Dan Sullivan in a respectable chase. The most unforgettable sign in the area is for Tom Bearup, the former Arizona sheriff wannabe turned minister whose name has been associated with all manner of weirdness and who’s challenging incumbent Mayor Mike Navarre in the Kenai Borough:

The meekest ad of the political season thus far, tucked away in the Peninsula Clarion:

mallott sad photo 11

Anchorage Baptist Temple Pastor Jerry Prevo and his wife, Carol, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this Sunday.

Speaking of the Anchorage Baptist Temple: Sunday is “candidates’ day,” where the money changers… I mean politicians, gather to sell their doves…I mean shake hands and pass out their literature.

This one’s hand-painted and has Spenard all over it:

And this girl looks like she’s from Spenard and would like nothing more than to take her chainsaw to that sign:

no on 1 girl

That fiscally conservative Valley: Two Mat-Su Borough Assembly members, Jim Colver and Ron Arvin, are running for the state Legislature. They’re both in close races have a chance at their respective spots. Is anyone thinking about the ramifications if they were both to win and who might replace them on the Assembly? After all, there’s big work to be done. The Assembly recently announced that it’s asking for another $101.5 million in state funds. This is atop the $141 million it already received to build a rail extension from Port Mac, which nobody uses, to the Alaska Railroad line south of Houston, to transfer “bulk material,” to the Interior, material that very well could come from ships that dock at the Anchorage Port, and be transferred to the railroad cars that are idling within feet of the dock.

On Monday, the governor and his key resource cabinet members met with the heads of independent oil companies that have recently populated the North Slope. Word is that about a dozen companies were represented at the meeting held in Anchorage. Lips are tight about what the meeting was all about.

Kathy Day, one of my favorite pitchers of stories, is closing up her PR shop to go work for the Alaska Gasline Development Corp., starting August 25. She’ll be the new communications director.

This just in from Ketchikan! Competition to be part of the Ketchikan City Council seems to be finally heating up. So far, there are four candidates for three council seats with the filing deadline being August 25th. The candidates are Ed Plute, K.J. Harris, Dave Kiffer and Amanda Mitchell. Kiffer is currently the mayor of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough and can’t run for Borough mayor again because of term limits. Speaking of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, there are also three Assembly seats as well as the mayor’s seat up for election. To date, the only borough candidates to file are: mayoral candidate Lewis Armey Jr. and Assembly candidate Michael Painter.

Speaking Ketchikan:  Here’s an update from former Ketchikan Daily News reporter Andrew Sheeler who’s now covering cops in North Dakota:


Some endorsements this week: Bristol Bay Native Corporation endorsed Sen. Mark Begich’s bid for re-election. GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller got the Anchorage Tea Party and the nod from Sarah Palin. Rep. Bill Stoltze got the NRA endorsement in Senate District F.  Rep. Don Young received the endorsement of Sealaska Corp. IBEW 1547 and the Alaska State Employees Association announced their support for Ballot Measure #1. Alaska Family Action has endorsed state House candidate George Rauscher and state Senate candidate Bill Stoltze. Former Democratic Lt. Gov. Steve McAlpine, who prefers to be called Stephen, and who is from Valdez, endorsed Bill Walker.

More from Ketchikan: The Murkowski family’s annual charity event for cancer awareness was held last weekend at the Waterfall Resort outside Ketchikan. From all accounts, it was a success and it raised more than $250,000. Energy and utility interests were said to be very well represented, like they were when Frank chaired the Senate Energy Committee, and like Lisa might get to do if the Republicans take over the Senate.  Some of the attendees included; BP America president John Minge; Greg Pearce from GCI: Andrew Lundquist, Trond-Erik Johansen and Scott Jepsen from ConocoPhillips; CIRI’s Ethan Schutt; Wells Fargo AK president Joe Everhart; lobbyists Sam Kito and Kris Knauss; Joel Gilbertson from Providence: Anadarko general counsel Robert Reeves; and Admiral Barrett from Alyeska Pipeline.

ADF&G Deputy Commissioner Stefanie Moreland’s appointment to the Pacific Salmon Commission has been confirmed by the U.S. State Department. Moreland fills a vacancy created by the retirement of long-serving Pacific Salmon Commissioner David Bedford.

Looks like the Obama administration is pulling out all the stops to help Sen. Mark Begich’s election. Word is that two more presidential cabinet members are scheduled to travel to the 49th state to boost the junior senator’s chances in the next few weeks. U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox was here traveling with Begich this week.

GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s college roommate Mike McFadden won the GOP Senate primary in Minnesota this week. McFadden will face Democrat incumbent Al Franken.

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19 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Bearup sets up. Reinbold’s revolving door. Politicking at the temple.

  1. Crazy Kenai

    So according to Dr., Rev., Bearup he is being attacked by “elected official” taking his precious bear sign. Waiting for Troopers to make their case.

    Will have to see how this plays out. There was a pretty good wind and it was not all coming from Bearup.

    Facebook post to Kenai Peninsula Crime

    Tom Bearup
    August 16 at 11:35pm · Soldotna, AK
    Someone has been destroying and stealing my campaign signs. Mine are the ones with the big bear and printed with Tom Bearup for Borough Mayor on them. Please notify the Alaska State Troopers in the event that you see anyone messing with them. We have heard that a local elected official was seen destroying my sign and a case has been opened with the Troopers. We will know more after the investigation is completed. If you would prefer to call me please feel free to do so. Thank you.

    Sheriff Joe was making calls to the area, maybe he could help Dr. Rev.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s actually not about price at all. It’s about long-term production. Read Craig Richard’s op-ed in the Valdez Star. I’ve read all the news stories, ISER studies and editorials on SB21 and none of them impressed me. I resent getting calls and propaganda in the mail. I wanted someone to dig into the details and tell the truth about this tax regime. I don’t need the lawmakers who wrote it trying to sell me their product. Of course, they’re going to tell you it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    Here’s a thoughtful analysis that I hadn’t read elsewhere:


    I’m actually surprised you didn’t do a deeper investigative story about this, Amanda. I read one of your blog posts saying, in essence, we should “give it a chance,” which is frightening akin to Nancy Pelosi’s audacious comment, “let’s just pass it (the so-called Affordable Care Act) and then we can read it.” Let’s give it a chance? How about we find out the truth about how it works, first? The big 3 are thrilled with SB21 but while I don’t believe the “Yes” people’s spin about an $8m giveaway, which was disproven in the latest ISER report, the way the big 3 get tax breaks — when they are NOT exploring — AT THE EXPENSE OF the smaller oil companies — who are the only ones exploring is unfair and unjust. The spin on both sides is ridiculous. The long-term production is the only thing that matters. SB21 seems to kill that. THAT, not price, is the issue.

    Read this before you vote:


  3. TH

    I didn’t know that Rep Rienbold was responsible for getting rid of the film tax credoit give away. Thank you, Lora.

  4. Anonymous

    And how about how Parnell’s pal DNR Dan Sullivan came to Kodiak and did not speak to a single fishing person.
    He did a quick photo opp at the Senior Center and blew off the rock as fast as he could. DNR Dan does not know anything about Alaska’s fishing industry and like Parnell, he doesn’t give a s#$t.

  5. Mitch

    The Valley State House race to watch is incumbent Representative Fiege’s seat. I thought the incumbent in a three-way race was safe. However, it looks to be anything but such. Fiege is being pursued on the right by George Rauscher and a frontal assault by Jim Colver. This race is down to the wire. My bet is that Mat-Su is going to have to appoiint two new borough assembly members come January.

  6. T. Davis

    I wanted to thank Mr. Holmstrom for the information regarding the state’s film tax credit. As an undecided voter in Senate District F, I was having a difficult time wrapping my arms around a state senate candidate. Now, I am supporting Bill Stoltze for his fiscal leadership in wasting millions of state revenue on films. Thanks for the heads up! You’ve convinced me to vote for Stoltze.

  7. Mtillet

    If the poor people of House Seats 9 and 12 get Arvin and Colver don’t expect anyone that has or ever had ovaries to be appointed as their replacements on the assembly. There hasn’t been a woman allowed on the good ol boys borough assembly in years.

  8. Ron Holmstrom

    Lora Reinbold was a co-conspirator with Representative Stoltze to end Alaska’s film industry in the last session.

  9. T. Rowe

    Bearup is an embarrassment. His kid left the state when he moved here to avoid the embarrassment of the likes of this campaign. Think about it. That says a lot.

  10. The Kodiak Kid

    Parnell needs to pull his head out of the sand and at least pretend to care about our fisheries. Appointing Ben Mohr as a Fisheries Advisor is a joke, waste of government money and was little more than a political favor to someone (heard this from Parnell’s own staff). Then, there’s Cora Campbell………..do I really need to say more? Get rid of Campbell, Mohr and make Stefanie Moreland the commissioner. At least it would show that you cared. Do you?

  11. TJ

    Mike Navarre is a decent guy and has proven to be a competent and fair mayor for the Kenai Peninsula Borough. He conducts the public’s business with decorum and a strong sense of knowing the difference between right and wrong. His experience has a businessman and as a legislator serves the borough well. Why anyone would even contemplate voting for his opponent who from a quck google search clearly makes the case that he lacks a moral compass and has lead a questionable life. Remember, this clown ran for office and lost just two years ago in Arizona. Mr. Bearup, or “Rev” Bearup is nothing more than a scam artist trying to live at the public trough. He’s the kind of politican that represents everything bad in politics and government.

  12. Arnie

    This “Rev” Bearup guy smells of fraudulent everything. Amanda Coyne’s characterization of him being associated with “weirdness” just scratches the surface. Anyone who would vote for this guy either iis either ill-informed or hates their government to the point that they would be giving control to a person of questionable moral fabric. I can’t stand people who use the cloth of ministries to hide who they really are.

  13. Mae

    Seriously, who is running that No on One campaign?
    That is the most tacky, tiny penis bit of pr ad ever.
    Tats n cleavage holding a chainsaw?
    Are these No on One people embarrassed yet?
    Good gawd, someone in their pr campaign needs to graduate from middle school before they take the job with the No on One campaign.
    And look who approved of that!

  14. Save us Bearup

    Don’t forget Bearup is against taxes.

    He also forgets income and property when filing for bankruptcy.


    “Their motive for eventually filing bankruptcy on July 1, 2010 was to clear their credit (i.e., discharge about $250,000 of unsecured debt) so they could obtain refinancing or reduction of their mortgage debt on their Alaska real estate. Although the property is titled to them in their individual names, it is considered by the debtors to be a keystone to continuing their ministry.

    In this bankruptcy case, they are trying to exclude the FBFAA
    (Bearup’s church business) income from their bankruptcy estate.”

    “A key element of the UST’s (U.S.Trustee) case was that the church income was freely used to pay the debtors’ personal expenses, and the church income should have thus been acknowledged to
    some degree as belonging to them individually for bankruptcy purposes. This failure of cooperation or disclosure is an element in the court’s finding against the debtors in this case.”

    Take your time. One sentence at a time.

    Debtors’ and Counsel’s Lack of Cooperation-

    UST. United States Trustee

    FBFAA. Bearup’s church corporation

    ” There has been a lack of cooperation with the UST by the debtors and their counsel which is a factor in this decision.

    Once it was apparent that the UST thought FBFAA’s income was attributable to the Bearups, the UST should have been provided with all the available financial information he sought.

    The UST (U.S.Trustee)had asked for financial information breaking down the accounting analysis in individual enterprises (the church, The Ark, and the Ambassador Wedding Chapel),

    it should have been provided.

    Although much paperwork was produced, it was not until the trial on May 9, 2011, that the debtors acknowledged they had Quicken Books and/or separate accountings for each of the nonprofit segments.

    A key element of the UST’s case was that the church income was freely used to pay the debtors’ personal expenses, and the church income should have thus been acknowledged to
    some degree as belonging to them individually for bankruptcy purposes.

    This failure of cooperation or disclosure is an element in the court’s finding against the debtors in this case.”


  15. Catnip Kate

    Who is the third chaplain ?

    “Allegation: Parnell waited for four years to act on allegations of a widespread culture of abuse in the Guard. In 2010, three chaplains had a meeting with Parnell to discuss the culture. ”


    Was it Mr Bearup’s son ?


    How come nobody ever really digs into this stuff ?


  16. Anonymous

    The chainsaw represents fear, not a phallus. The fear that the Big 3 have paid 15 million to have whispered into the ears of Alaskans. They bully and intimidate at every turn, and provide misleading fact after misleading fact to make the word “production” their God. Only the most simian among us can only see this complex issue as being only about production: it’s the price too, dingbats.

    Often ones too be wooed by empty rhetoric and flashy ad campaigns, the Republican constituency has flocked to No on 1’s side like white on rice.

    This chainsaw ad dovetails nicely with Halcro and the Chamber’s pathetic and absurd “Ignore their fear” graphic, showing an appropriately fat, shabbily attired, screaming man wielding an AR-15 and standing on a pipeline somewhere decidedly NOT Alaska and also NOT TAPS.

    When using fear tactics to scare oil workers into believing your side, it helps to call out the other side, for scare tactics. Smart move Halcro. The only smarter move would’ve been to bring your PowerPoint to the prop 1 debate this past Monday.

    Halcro loved his talking point “it wasn’t in effect for four days before they introduced this repeal effort- they never gave it a chance” is laughably cute. “They” as in the 50,000 signers, didn’t need to give it a chance. Anything birthed from the foul womb of multinational oil companies cannot represent the interests of the people.

    Sean “conflict of interest” Parnell will eat his humble pie late on Tuesday night when he realizes there are limits to his egregious pandering to the hands that fed him.

  17. Lynn Willis

    Based on her track record with staff, Laura Reinbold might just have been the inspiration for the character played by Meryl Streep in “The Devil wears Prada” (sans competence). OK all you amateur Sigmund Freuds out there – what does that chainsaw in the Vote “NO” poster really represent?

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