Loose Lips: Click clicking with Alaska. Neuman positions himself. Treadwell’s ‘positive’ campaign.

18955141_mFairbanks state Sen. Click Bishop’s campaign has been full throttle even though his Republican opponent dropped out of the race long ago. Fundraisers. Media attention. As Click would say, “Click is clicking.” What’s afoot here? Just being a good Republican? Fighting the freedom cause? There’s probably some of that. But remember, we’re talking about a politician, one who is beginning to make it known that he has his eyes set on the governor’s chair in four years.

Speaking of real gubernatorial candidates, Independent candidate Bill Walker and his wife, Donna, celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

Jeremy Price has been named the Alaska Director for Americans for Prosperity. Prior to this position, he worked at the American Petroleum Institute and has worked in the offices of both Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Don Young. The AFP, a Koch brothers funded group, is said to be serious about organizing in Alaska even after the elections are over. 

Rep. Mark Neuman has been the vice chair of the House Finance Committee for the past four years and has made no secret as to his quest to be one of the committee’s co-chairs in the House’s next organization. People who pay attention to this kind of stuff and profess to have a legislative organization Ouija board say that Neuman’s chances improved on primary election night considerably due to the losses of Eric Feige and Doug Isaacson, both of whom seemed to have aligned themselves more with the Anchorage leadership group than with the Valley boosters. And it doesn’t hurt that Neuman’s former staffer, Cathy Tilton, won her House race.

A reader took note of the following Facebook post from one of the Mead Treadwell’s campaign staffer. Notice the use of the word “positive,” which was also used throughout the campaign. This proves it: I do not think that word means what they think it means:

harmony shields comment

Some Republicans know what the word means. This from Judy Eledge, the chair of the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club, who’s known far and wide for her positive disposition:

Judy eledge II

On primary night, Dan Sullivan’s campaign was so completely frazzled that they apparently either didn’t know, or didn’t care, how it would look when they banned the media from Sullivan’s “victory” speech, which wasn’t really a victory speech because although they had comfortably won the race, no “reputable” Outside media source had called the election. It was the first time that anybody in Alaska could ever remember a campaign waiting for a “reputable” Outside source to call anything. This is how it played:

If I was banned, I didn’t know it.  I joined the throng that had gathered on the sidewalk, walked right in and found a table up close. By the time Dan Sullivan spotted me, lobbyist Jerry Mackie was already trying to silence the crowd. Sullivan told me in a croaking voice that his speech was off the record. I said, “No it’s not.” Nothing much was said anyway. Sullivan’s voice was gone and his wife had to speak for him. However, the eagle-eyed Begich campaign, never ones to miss a conspiracy(!), noted my presence inside and I was told were “concerned”…with a blogger worming her way into a party. Because, you know, there isn’t enough for the Begich campaign to to be concerned about.

I asked Sen. Lisa Murkowski on primary night if it bothered her that Dan Sullivan didn’t vote for her four years ago. After a long pause, she said, “Everyone has to do what they have to do.”  Take that for what it’s worth.

Former North Slope Borough mayor George Ahmaogak, Sr. has filed to run for his old office against incumbent mayor Charlotte Brower. The election is scheduled for Tuesday, October 7th.

Political gadfly Ray Metcalfe was seen at Election Central on primary night, carrying around a clipboard collecting signatures for an initiative making it a felony for legislators to vote on issues where there are clear conflicts of interests. Surely he had in mind those legislators who work in oil, fishing, the unions, construction, and ones who have mining claims. I’ve heard that there’s plenty of three squares and cots open at the fancy new prison in the Mat-Su. And they wouldn’t even have to give up their free healthcare!

A prominent reporter was overheard on election night telling someone that the No on #1 forces were winning because the Native corporations were telling their shareholders how to vote. Which for some reason seemed to this person more nefarious than legislators using their state accounts telling people how to vote.

The ADN’s Rich Mauer put to print the whispering about how the unions are trying to get either Democratic gubernatorial candidate Byron Mallot or independent Bill Walker to merge their campaigns or drop  out of the race to make room for the other. The AFL-CIO is having their convention this week and both candidates are scheduled to speak. Union boss Vince Beltrami said that AFL-CIO wouldn’t endorse unless there was a viable candidate. Word from the convention is that the efforts, so far, have fallen on deaf ears.

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13 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Click clicking with Alaska. Neuman positions himself. Treadwell’s ‘positive’ campaign.

  1. Mae

    How appropriate of Ohio Dan.
    Ban the local media.
    Wait for lower 48 people to call the election.

    I voted for Alaskans.

    If he wins, Alaskans will loose a congressional senate seat and Ohio will gain one.

    Dang Alaskans, this guy ain’t out for your best interests. Election night behavior is a clear indicator of this.

  2. AK Remington

    Treadwell’s campaign spread rumors from the beginning about Sullivan. Ask the people who started with that campaign but were smart enough to back out fast when they noticed something was wrong.

    The difference between Sullivan and Teeadwell is a matter of security: Mead is not secure. He is always blabbing about who his “friends” are because he feels he is in no way impressive. What a shame, because if you have the dough and the degrees and the investment docket that he has and you STILL don’t feel good, that’s a sign of other things to come. Voters can sniff out a phony. If Sullivan is insecure in any way, he does not show it, and that’s the way it should be.

    The Treadwell staff that remained all have these nasty conspiracy theories that they make grand mention of but never go into specifics. It’s ludicrous. I though Miss Shields was better than that. In her defense her father just passed away. But it still doesn’t make her look good. Or Mead.

    Everyone has to get over it and move on. But if you can’t, then just ship yourself out of the state and go somewhere else until November. Send your absentee in. The ship must be in order if they want to boot the Beg.

  3. John Smith

    Here’s another term you might want to research . Irony. Look it up, read your post again and then get back to us.

  4. Mike

    I think Beltrami has officially overstepped on the gov. race. Byron would be an idiot to give up on his hard work to become Walker’s #2, when Walker himself wouldn’t even primary against Parnell. Honestly, what can Beltrami do? Not endorse? Big deal. Unions have been endorsing candidates across the state and that hasn’t stopped their members from voting for the other candidate on the ballot, volunteering on the unendorsed candidate’s campaign or-gasp-giving them $. Vince needs to re-evaluate his leadership style before making himself truly irrelevant.

  5. Alice Galfano

    I’d like to interpret this comment for those that are watching at home…

    “I have nothing better to do so I’ll just sit at home and pick on anyone I feel like to get attention.”
    Seriously go find something better to do!!

  6. admin

    @Anony: I didn’t notice the lack of cameras. I was in the front of the room and for all I knew, they were behind me. I only noticed when I left for the night and they were all out there. And while I was tweeting that night, I wasn’t glued to what others were saying on twitter. I heard about Casey later. I was too busy talking to people. I also heard earlier in the evening through an Anchorage Press reporter that some press weren’t allowed in, but I didn’t know who nor did I really think much of it (as far as I was concerned, that was their problem, not mine). I took that Press reporter by the arm and marched her through the place, to show her mostly that she shouldn’t ask permission. When I did that, I noticed that Steve MacDonald was sitting there, something that I only registered later. A press photog was trying to get in early in the night, and I don’t think he could, but I’m not really sure who told him he couldn’t. I didn’t think it was my job to march him, too, through the room. That’s what I know. Thanks for your response!

  7. Bethany

    This entire column was just a delight to read. You have a real gift, Amanda. Keep bringing it, because it is a breath of fresh air for Alaska!

  8. Anonymous

    “If I was banned I didn’t know it”

    That’s HYSTERICAL. You didnt check your Twitter on Primary day to see Casey Grove was booted? You didn’t ask “hey where are the cameras?” Then you justify it all by saying “meh he didn’t say much” after touting yourself as a freedom fighter for telling Afghan Dan “yes it is”

    You are a so far to the right on this political highway you better have your four ways on.

  9. John Smith

    I would like to interpret that Facebook post for those that are watching at home:

    “My guy lost and I am now out of a job for the third time this year. I wish Alaskan’s weren’t so stupid and would have made the right choice, but they didn’t and I’m pissed. Who’s hiring? I’m positive.”

  10. Northern Observer

    OMG. Treadwell campaign positive? Not.
    Delusional? Maybe.
    Treadwell attacked Sullivan before he even officially entered the race. He repeated every attack that Begich made on Sullivan. The first Begich ad of the general election featured Treadwell attacking Sullivan. Anyone who believes that Treadwell ran a positive campaign is either out of touch or out of their mind.

  11. Kim S.

    Shocked to hear that Click Bishop is planning a gubernatorial bid. Nice guy, okay legislator; however, I don’t see a path for him to win a Republican primary.

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